Friday, June 26, 2009

Am blogging!

The day has come!!! The day has come for me to put my keyboard and mouse together to type my first blog!!!! I took quite a long time to decide the name for my blog.... don't know why, the right name didn't strike me. I wanted the name of my blog to reflect my personality, and how I take life. And then I caught up with Cassataa!!

I love having a cassata. There is the plain cake that forms the bottom most layer of the cassata slice, which I feel reflects the simplicity with which life has to be led....and there are layers of different flavors which reflect different characters that are a part of me. The flavors can also be taken as the different people we meet everyday and how well we gel with each other despite our differences.

The best part is the roasted nuts! They reflect the most interesting things/incidents in life which keep u going /motivated to achieve great heights!

And most importantly I chose this name bcoz, I love this dessert.