Monday, December 28, 2009

BYE - This three letter word is REAL HEAVY

Today was the last day at STL and was scared abt this day. Not just b'coz I am leaving my first job, " I have to type the BYE BYE mail" :( . I didnt want to write anything or rather didnt feel like saying bye or rather didnt feel like recollecting things and sending them as an email or ........ BUT had to write it any ways. Tried googleing and was not satisfied my any of the formats and finally wrote one myself. And here it is. Blogging has improved my writing skills :D


Every time I see a “Bidding Adieu” mail from friends and colleagues, I’ve always thought, why do ppl send such big mails just to say the three letter word “BYE”. But now I realize the reason. Words can’t express enough…… there are so many intangible things/memories/experiences with STL that I can never forget in my life. Some good and some bad, though the quotient of bad is very less. Over all the journey was very adventurous and enjoyable. And now the time has come to start a new journey in a new place with a new role. After all what is life without changes. So am moving ahead looking for an adventurous career………

I would like to thank every one in STL who have helped me improve myself, both professionally and personally. Special thanks to Mr.S, my manager ever since I started my career in STL. Thanks for bearing with me and patiently helping me grow day after day.

It has been great working with you all and awaiting to meet you all again soon. After all, it’s a small world (esp. with Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites). Or you can always mail me at or just call me on 0123456789

Senior Engineer - Systems
Phone: 91-44-111111 Extn :1111

(So this is the last time I will be using this signature :( )

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The real fun is not earning money, its carelessly spending the hard earned money !!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Research...or should it be the search??

Me n my friends were discussing about our future and how our families should be groomed and other vetti kathai. Our discussion was led to stage to find out the characteristics of "The Perfect husband". We came up with a lot of chars. of him. And we wanted to relate it to the characters in our Mythology. To our surprise, it was very difficult. We were in search of a person who led a happy family life. I mean the end of their story should be "And they lived happily ever after".

Disclaimer: The post is my own view and not intended to offend anyone. This is just fun intended. I am a proud Indian and will always be proud of its heritage and culture.

So here's our research

Rama? - He is the "avathara purushan" as per our Epics but according to us "NO". He lived away from his wife after the vanavas. He suspected his wife Sita. Whose ever suspicion it might be, she underwent the tedious test, hurt her ego and lived away from him for the rest of her life and so not a happy marriage.

Krishna? - No! Too many girl friends...

Hanuman? - He has the perfect character in all aspects but is single :(

Naradha? - Konjam kalagam pannuvaru ana romba nallavaru.....but single :(

Karna? - Very kind hearted and very nice person! but died during the war :(

Indran? - No no - very weak in ladies matter

Chandran? - No no same here

Suriyan? - Character wise a clean person, but he didnt have a happy married life :(

Vinayaga? - one story says hez not married and the other says has two wives. So No again

Muruga? - two wives. NO

Pandavas? - NO!! All of them married the same girl.

Lakshman? - very nice char....but stayed away from his wife for 14 years. Thats horrible for him and his wife.

Bharathan and Shatrugnan ? - very nice char, but we have no idea abt their family life

Balarama? - Stong person but we dont have an idea about his married life...

Vaali? - No, thambi wifea asa pattaru

Sugrevan? - Theriyale

Shiva? - Parvathya pakathuleye vechikitu, Gangaia thalaile vechitu irukaru...apparam romba kova kararu. NO

Vishu?- No, tooo many wives

Bramha? - Oh yah!!! has only one wife, he peacefully performs his duties, no controversies involved, has one child...OK so we have one good husband here.

Vibhishanan - Good person, clean char has only one wife (I guess) and ruled Lanka after Ravana! So we have another good candidate for the title!

hmmmmmmmmm finally we found two people....wat do you think? Did I forget some one worth the title or got some one wrong? Let me know...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rain Rain come again

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Little Johny wants to play
Rain, rain, go away

This is definitely not a song suited for Chennai. The climate is just too gud, starting from getting up late in the morning, hurrying up to office, feeling the drizzle on the face, managing the umbrella in the rain, getting back home fully drenched (best part ;)).

Daily on the way to office, I pass by a school and today the school was closed, probably due to rain. Just as I passed by I notice something that made me go back to my school days. A kid's (must be 1st or 2nd std) father stopped at the school gate to drop him. The gate was closed and the notice board declared the holiday. When the kid got the message, he placed his palms together(as though praying to GOD) and in quick succession moved his head left to right again and again with this mouth in a wide open smile. It triggered the child in me too..... He was so happy that he injected me the happiness too! Definitely smile and happiness are infectious!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Breaking the silence!

Hi everyone!! How r things going at ur end? Hope every thing is fine. Things at my end...actually things are happening pretty fast! Dont know if it's for good or bad.

First of all, I've got a better opportunity with a better pay in a better firm hopefully in a better team. This is the kind of job I've always dreamt abt, I mean the profile and the best part is it suits my work timings (9.00AM to 6.00PM job). So I am putting an end to my 4.5 year old tenure in my present company. This ending is a little saddening though. This company has been like my second home. Everything here is so friendly and understanding. Starting form the chai valla to my Boss' boss, everonez been understanding. I would say thats the plus and the minus. I was put into a very nice and soft comfort zone, that never let me come out.

Well, after a lot of debating within my mind, Iam quitting my present company, for good! Looking out for new and better challenges in the new place!

"Anayara velaku dhan prakasama yeriyum" nu solra madri, Iam very busy only after I put my papers. No time for anything, even to communicate my joing date with the new HR ;). Side gap'le dahn indah post. Am up late in the night for some installation and configs. The inst is in progress and am waiting for it to complete. Cha na ivlo busy avan'nu nenaikave ille :D

Today, I received a mail from my sponsored child. It was a drawing of a house and trees near it. So sweet of him!! And me, haven't kept my promise of writing to him. I should to it this weekend. Hmm...tats all for now. Will try to come up with a better post next time.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


She is modern,
She will be outspoken,
She loves chit chatting,
She laughs loud,
She might giggle for your jokes,
She might come out for breaks/lunches with you,
But you CANNOT take an advantage with her.
Hey Mr., mind you, keep your distance from her.
The first/second time she might just warn/hint u,
But if u continue, u can be sure, u will feel ashamed of urself.
U better mind urself and dont MESS with her.

Friday, October 30, 2009

வாழ்கை தத்துவம் - Oru thedal !!

Google search engine is a fabulous tool for finding info on the net. I use it for finding technical info, movie reviews, product reviews, tourism information, cookery stuff, home remedies, geographic locations, news and things like this.

I had written a post titled "வாழ்கையின் தத்துவம்" earlier. And the comments from friends and family were just .......... am wordless ;)

Here is the link between google n my post
வாழ்கையின் தத்துவம்.....I find people searching for the phrase "வாழ்கை தத்துவம்"(this is the exact phrase used in google search) from different parts of the world!!! You wont believe, at least one hit a day for that post through google search. Am just wondering, why are people searching for this on the net...there is no specific movie/song/literary work that I know by this name....Why would ppl search for vazhkai thathuvam on the net ... Why?????

Do you know any reason?? Did you reach this post through the GSearch?? If yes, pls pls pls let me know the reason for the search in my comment section....

Indha kolapathu'le mandaye vedikira madri irukku....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Global Warming, Rains n Prayers

As a child, I imagined green house gasses and global warming as a concept that was true only within the Ooty Botanical garden, especially because the concept was explained with the glass houses as examples. I wondered why the text books are so concerned about how the environment would be after 100years or so. I didn’t realize that the effect would be visible right in front of my eyes within the next few years.

I remember praying to GOD that it should not rain on my birthday (falls in July). Only then I will be able stand in front of the play ground during the prayer session and the whole school will look at my new dress ;)

I recollect praying for rain every August 15th so that our ground would be filled with water and there will be no march-past and I can stay back home happily.

During half-yearly exams, me n my sis would eagerly watch the DD news for the weather report and rejoice when they predict rains/heavy rains. Our exam would be cancelled then :D

I would pray GOD should spare Diwali and not rain on that day. I would give him permission to use the afternoons but not the early morning and the evenings. That’s when we burst the cracker at my granny’s place n have hell of fun!

Every new year’s eve, I request him not to spoil our party ground, that is any one of our friend’s terrace so we can stay awake all night n watch the new year’s first dawn!

Even last November I remember heavy rains! In fact, I guess one November Tuesday, it rained so heavily that on the way back home from office, every vehicle was stranded on the Anna University road. And the best part was, our van wasn’t doing well. The radiator would go dry after a few meters of travel. Initially we got water from the road side shop and later on, we would the by-passers to fill our can with water that was stagnated on the road. The roads were filled with around 2ft water. We started by 6.30pm and reached home by 10 -10.30 pm.

Gone are those days!! Now every day I pray GOD “Please shower rain at least today!!!” He heard my prayer yesterday!!

Thank u GOD…please hear my prayers daily and shower rains this season. I promise to save the EARTH as much as I can and you promise to save our future generations, provide them a sweet and lovable EARTH.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tulsi !!

I've imagined a lot abt how my marriage will happen. Like wat colour will my saree be, my hair style, my groom's costume, wat programs to conduct, not much abt the menu, how my sis n mom should dress, how everyone should enjoy my wedding n all that. But I've never given a though abt what I would give in the thambulam.

I've been to many marriages (friends, family..) but nerver found the thambulam very
interesting. Its usually a fruit with some sweet or savory. If its a close family member's marriage, then u get a nice bag/pouch with the bride n groom's name printed. I hadn't given much thought on it. But now I think I should think abt that as well. My best friend was married last week. And I found the thambulam most useful. It was a TULASI sapling !!!! It's something very traditional and a need of the hour. Thanks to all the new diseases. I didn't get a chance to ask her who's idea it was. But its definitely a splendid one. Its a very low cost gift but a high satisfying gift! If it is not used or cared properly, then the life saver plant loses its life :( But since its a holy plant, no one will ignore and is considered auspicious. Any of you have nice innovative ideas for the thambulam??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali!!

Hi friends!!

Wish u all a very happy n safe Diwali!!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The perfect date!

Yesterday was the most beautifully used day!!! The perfect date(Day)!!

Now am not talking about something romantic n all....its the most useful Saturday I've spent over the last few months.It was a very tight pack schedule. Woke up early in the morning at 9.00 AM so that at least this week we don't miss our Deepawali shopping. During our breakfast at around 10.00AM, my sis reminded us abt the movie "Unnai pol oruvan", something we wanted to watch for quite sometime. Dad could only afford for only night shows, becoz of his schedule. We swallowed our breakfast and rushed to our nearby theater for advance booking. Luckily, the tickets were available and we booked the ticked for the night show.

Returned home to find that our maid had messed up with the household work and we helped mom with the cleaning and hurryed to make the shopping at least this week. The work was completed by around 12.15 PM and started off to Pondy bazaar, with a few watches that needed battery replacement. This time we headed to Naidu Hall (influenced by our previous visit). Reached there by 1.00 PM owing the the great traffic. It took us hardly 20 mins to reject all their collections. This time the collections are just not good. We headed to a less known shop call Bobby on the same lane of Naidu hall, a little beyond Milan Jyothi. On the way, we found a Watch shop and replaced batteries for a the TITAN watches. Was just casually checking if they had fancy Fast track straps for my Fast track watch (which was sporting a local Rs.30 black strap). Luckily she had a denim strap with pink thread dancing here n there. I was in instant love with it and now my watch is as good new(Its actually a 3 yr old watch).

We entered BOBBY a few mins later, and the collection was real huge and dont ask me how many I got. It did pinch my Credit card hard. But Deepawali comes only once a year and this is just another reason. Hurried for lunch to Hot chips near Maya plaza, had a hearty meal and reached home by sharp 4.00PM.

Kept the auto waiting and freshened up ourselves and rushed to the Sacred Heart School auditorium. I was supposed to be there at sharp 4.00PM for a World Vision Partner's meet. This organization n event needs a special mention. I sponsor a child through World Vision(WV) and thanks to WV for helping me help. The word "Partner" for my small contribution is just huge. Now for the event, on the way to the auditorium we saw small girls dressed up sweetly for the dance programs and smart boys in same pattern T-shirts. We (me n my sis) were greeted with a huge smiles at the entrance. The organizers had invited a few partners and sponsored children to share their experiences. Followed by a video presentation, that detailed how WV works. They showed how they helped a village to get pure drinking water and helped them start income generators and the children's education through the funds from the partners. The highlight of the program was the dance performance by the girls and boys from Santhome Home for the Hearing impaired. Hearing impaired n dance? Yes!! They dance not by hearing the music but by following their instructor who was standing as a part of the audience and with just the movement of this two fingers, the entire troop was dancing. Really amazing!! Returned home by around 7.00PM with full satisfaction that I am a part of this great organization. I would suggest everyone to sponsor a child and help our country grow. Its just Rs.600 per month and the value we add to the child is not measurable. After the event I have decided to write to my child often and have a personal relationship with him. You can sponsor by registering here.

After having dinner, the four of us headed for the movie. A good movie indeed! That was my busy day that gave me full satisfaction.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Appavum nanum............

Father-daughter relationship is something that is not much talked about. Its definitely worth a mention. "Abiyum nanum" was telecast today and after watching it I am more than tempted to write about it. My mom used to say that my dad was so scared to even lift me for the first few months...he was scared that he might hurt me. Most of my actions are photographed. Those days there weren't digital cameras that we can keep clicking pics. He never said no to any of my wishes, though there might be delays. I am sharing a few incidents in this post.

He has grown me into a very brave n bold person (of course a great contribution from my mom too). During my Engineering internal exams (we had two exams a day), I had Electronic circuits and Linear Integrated Circuits(LIC) on the same day. Both these are real tough. I wasn't able to prepare well for the exam. I didn't want to write both the exam and was in the verge of crying. My mom was like "Ask Dad". My dad told me only one thing, " If I were u, I would go and flunk in the exam or happily bunk college and go for some movie and never cry like this". What more, I bunked college but sat home studying for the next exams.

Hope everyone remembers this Sneha and Shyam rumor a few years ago. Every Tamil magazine had the news about it with all silly pics around. Me and my dad were sitting near each other holding a magazine each. I wanted to read it but wasn't sure of my dad's reaction, in case he sees me reading it. So I was holding and reading in such a way that in case of emergency I could flip to another page. I finished the article and kept it on the table. Now my dad took this magazine I was reading and just as fate would have it, the book opened with that article as though that was the last page read. He was very very cool abt it. All he did was teased me for reading it with the fear of getting caught :D.

And the best part that, these days, any guy(whom my dad doesnt know) who talks to me looks like a buffalo/rowdy/pig to him. He gets very protective wen it comes to guys. He doesnt even spare "Madhavan" or "Surya", my favourite actors :D. It feels very nice, he thinks am still that small girl in his arms. Very much like Prakash Raj fro Abiyum nanum :). Sometimes I notice him come near me n my sis wen we are asleep (atleast half asleep), kisses us on the forehead and goes back to sleep.

We tease each other, we have fun, fight with each other, what not, We are more like friends more than a father-daughter. I love u dad!!

Half yearly exams

Eighth standard half yearly exams and it is Chemistry today. All the chemicals and their formulas raining in my head...poor me trying to do the last minute study outside the exam hall. I always believed that the questions I read in the last minute always turned up in the exam paper. So I never waste even a minute outside the exam hall. Just 2 minutes before entering the hall, San*** who sits right behind me said that she started studying just at 5.00am that morning and she does not know any thing and I should help her. Just to cut the crap, I said ok, not knowing the consequences.

Our school has this practice of clubbing students from different classes to sit next each other. This time it meant that I sit with a 6th Standard boy by my side nd my friend San*** behind me and another 6th Standard boy by her side. This boy who sat next to me was a typical class 'rowdy' type. "Thats enough of the observations, try to
concentrate", is what I told myself. The question papers were distributed. Spent 5 minutes reading every question in the paper. Ok it seems fine. I knew most of them and
started writing the answers. Being a slow writer, completing the exam within the stipulated time was itself a big challenge for me. I had 30 minutes to complete the exam
and two 10 mark questions to be answered. San** shaking my chair to pass my answer sheet for the 1st 10 mark question. Now she asks, silly female. I continued writing
my exam....she started nagging me even more. For the peace of mind to write my exam better, I passed the sheet to her without being noticed by my teacher. Oh that was
a task well done!! I appreciated myself still worrying abt getting the paper back. Tried hard to finish the exam and the bell rang "Tringgggggggg". Our teacher asked us to hand over the paper. Oh God, What would I do. I didn't get back my paper. Turned back and signaled her. Now am a little experience and got back the paper carefully,
pinned it and submitted it. Phew wat an experience.

The next day, San*** did not ask me for anything before the exam. I was happy about it. Went and sat in the exam hall without any overhead. Before the question papers were distributed, this rowdy boy next to me noticed my brand new PARKER fountain pen and asked me if he could use it to write his exam. My Parker pen? "No, never",
was my answer. To my surprise he started threatening me by saying, he will get me caught. Ok, now that was my overhead for the day. The exam started and so did
San***'s nagging. Probably she thought I didn't require prior notice now. How much overhead can an 8th standard girl handle. But now, I started getting more experienced and my teacher too. She noticed something fishy between us. Now and then she would stand right near us. But that wouldn't stop San***. We continued exchanging papers.

Our teacher was sure of wat we were doing with the rattling of the paper but couldn't catch us red handed. So every time she gave us an additional sheet, she wrote our
names on it. Poor me, I joined the list of notorious ppl in class!! I guess nothing would stop San*** from getting the papers from me. She continued asking and I gave her one of my answer sheets. But was very scared abt passing the paper to her. I asked for it immediately and just when she passed it and I placed it with my bunch of paper, our
teacher came to us, really pissed off by our behavior. But to her horror, all the papers in my hand were mine and all papers in San***'s hand was hers. Pity our teacher,
went back disappointed. I noticed the rowdy grinning mischievously. I returned the grin and went back scribbling my papers. Though I didn't dare to pass my papers for my
other exams, I let go my parker to that rowdy to stay on the safer side.

I decided never to pass the papers again. It was a real thrill and nice to recollect but that time it was horrible.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Visit to a place of great importance in Ramayan

Rameshwaram, an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Rameshwaram Express was our mode of travel. Pamban to Rameshwaram is over a railway bridge and the sight was a very beautiful one with the remains of an older bridge nearby.

Reached our destination around 8.30am and headed straight to the Tamil Nadu Hotel, run by Tamil Nadu tourism, not a very good place but OK. After breakfast and refreshment, headed straight to the beach for a holy dip. Was a little hesitant abt it, but was forced to do it. And then directly to the Rameshwaram temple for a holy shower in the 22 theerthams. The minute you are out of the beach, ppl throng you to hire them for the theerthams service (hmmm, they actually fetch a bucket of water from the well and pour it on you and follow the person to the next well and then it goes on…) and the charge is on a per person basis. These theerthams are actually wells located at different parts of the temple, each one name after a God or a character of Ramayan. All these wells had only about one or two feet of very clear water. Though these wells are located very close to each other, the taste of water varies from sweet to very salty water. Nature at its best, I would say! Went back to the hotel fully drenched.

By afternoon, we were ready for the local sightseeing and was amazed at the fresh breeze, beauty of the ocean, the sun set and what not! A few pictures for you

The view from Ramar padham, a place where Lord Rama is believed to have set his foot. May be that where he drafted his project plan ;)

The Pamban Railway bridge, that opens up to let the ships pass by. Pic taken from the Pamban bridge (roadway)

Seeing the beach from a bridge is a very exiting sight!

The Sunset ............

The sethu shore - Calm amidst the controversies

The next day started off as early as 3.45am to get ready for the Spatika lingam dharshan that statrs at 5.00am. Finished the dharshan and were back to the hotel by 6.30-7.00. By 8.30am we started off to Dhanushkoti, the tip of India closest to Sri Lanka. The Ram made bridge of floating stones is said to have started here, though we weren’t able to spot it through our naked eyes. This place was a fully functional town till 1964 and then was fully washed away in the floods that year. The town that had a population of about 15,000 people now has only 250 people, only fishermen. My dad was saying that during the floods, actors Gemini Ganesan and Savithri were caught there and the whole state prayed for their wellbeing. More pics…

I've never seen a sun rise so beautiful...

My family's little star holding the star of the Solar system

A ride on sand to Dhanushkoti

A barren Dhanushkoti

The turbulent Bay of Bengal

The silent Indian Ocean

Clear unpolluted waters of the ocean

What was once supposed to be the railway track

Then to a few more temples and started off to Chennai by 8.15pm!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The right way out!

Analyze your actions,
Diagnose your mistakes,
You realize the right way out is too easy!!

Wats in the hair style ?

Starting from Indra Gandhi to Indra Nooyi,
The secret to success is just one - keep ur hair short ;)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy for u Mr.S

I dedicate the below lines for u and wish u a wonderful life ahead,

Boss Mr.Boss
Vandhutange ungaluku oru boss,
vekka padadhinge like small boys,
ini unga life'le colorful joys!
Life'le eduthu irukinge correct choice,
ippo unga ulagthule ellam wonderful toys!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

yen ezhuthil'um yen thalaiezhuthu'um irukum paaru nalla!

yen peru mulla,
na pada poren nalla,
thapu yedhum senji irundha manichidu allah.
ellarayum nalla,
sandaigale illa,
nalla manushangala vazhavai allah!!!

Friends usually tease me for writing interesting poems like the above.....

Note: This is not my creation.

Seems like I have inspired many to write poems :D. This is a song from "Nenaithale inikum" and am sure I have an alternate career in case I am directly affected by recession ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

This is my best!!!

Tall, Dark and Handsome,
Its not just this, that sum.
He should be a smart one,
Not necessarily handsome.

Will be a sweet and caring son,
Not just to his own,
But to my parents soon!!

He will be a daring one,
Knowing karate, kung fu or any one!
Filled with enthusiasm and fun,
Smiling and cheering like the morning sun!!

Hez the one yet to be seen,
And a prize yet to be won!
I promise to be his boon,
That too very soon!!!!!!

This is my latest creation and am very proud of it. Of late my right brain seems to be doing over time and is doing very well ;) !!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

வாழ்கையின் தத்துவம்

டீலே முக்கி சாபிடலாம் பட்டர் பிஸ்கட்,
அதுக்கு ஈடு ஆகுமா கோல்ட் பிஸ்கட்?

குழந்தைங்க விரும்பி சாப்டுவாங்க காட்புரி ஜெம்ஸ் (Cadbury gems),
வாயிலே போட முடியுமா ப்ரேஷியுஸ் ஸ்டோன்ஸ் (Precious stones)?

எண்டர்டைன்மண்ட்கு(Entertainment'ku) கொஞ்சம் ஜொள்ளு,
அதுக்கு எதுக்கு காஸ்ட்லி ஜவல் (jewel)?

வெளிநாட்டுக்கு ஓடாதே நைசா,
சந்தோஷத்துக்கு தேவை இல்லே பைசா!!!

There is a linked post here. Dont forget to visit it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shoot all ur troubles away!!

"V all should go to paint ball, it will be gr8 fun!!"
"Wats it all abt?"
"Something to do with throwing paint balls on each other, drenching others in all funny colors, u kno it will b gr8 fun"
"Really??? Sounds like fun!! Should do it this week end"
"Ok done! We are going out for lunch and then to the paint ball thingy on Sunday! Everyone ok?"
"OK" (Chorus)

This is a gist of the conf call bet. the fun loving gang. So all the 9 of us started on sunday afternoon with lot of enthu, first to eat and the to paint ourselves. Wat v knew abt paint ball is : they would give us some kind of overcoats so that we dont spoil our clothes and some paint balls to throw at each did sound a lil wierd to us, but we wanted to try it out. We reached the YMCA grounds at around 5.00PM I guess. We saw a wat u r seeing in the above pic.

Quickly came one of the organizers and started explaining the whole thing:
1. There will be 2 team
2. Each team's flag will be with the opposite team at the end of the ground. And the teams have to take their flag and bring it to their pole.
3. All members will be armed with a gun (they call it markers) which will have small paint balls. When u shoot, the paint balls will fly out and when it hits any object, the outer layer breaks and spills out the paint.
4. And they give u uniforms, helmets and chest gaurds to wear
5. The opposite team members will shoot at you when u try to get ur flag and if the paint falls at u, u r out of the game. Which ever team rescues their flag first wins.

This is how the game is played. So we teamed up as 5 and 4 membered team. We had three games and the best part is our team won!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Sometimes the paint balls hurt. 1 hit me right on my still hurts. Except for some small hickups(like the uniform given actually has absorbed many others' sweat and not to forget the swine flu fear after wearing it) it was a good experience. Will be in my thoughts the whole week(bcoz I rescued our team flag once ;))

Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Direct taxes sound better!

The new tax code that is under development and will eventually replace our Income taxes sounds interesting and pocket friendly. Few interesting points:

  • The code proposes to exempt the general tax payer from paying income tax if his income is Rs 1,60,000 in a year.
  • He would pay just 10 per cent up to Rs 10 lakh,
  • 20 per cent beyond that and Rs 25 lakh
  • 30 per cent beyond Rs 25 lakh.
  • The code also proposed to increase tax deduction on savings to Rs 3 lakh.
Couldnt understand the other things. Hope this is implemented soon.
My source :

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A task well begun is half done?

They say "A task well begun is half done" but this time it turned to be an utter flop. We had planned for a trip to Munnar for this week end (13-16 August'09). Every thing was pre-planned
  • Train tickets from Chennai - Cochin booked
  • Booked cab to pick us up from the station to the resort and for sight seeing
  • Booked the resort
  • Planned the itinerary
  • Leave requests approved
All this done one month ago. Right now, I should be in the train to Cochin :( but am sitting here blogging!!

My sad story: I had been to my cousin's engagement to Ongole, AP and came back to Chennai with a very badly upset stomach(me n my sis, u know how spicy the AP food is). Not just me, most of my cousins had the same feeling and my family doc advised not to take it up, if possible. And wat else, my over concerned mom said NO.

Wat all I had planned, 3 fully days away from the hectic schedule, only fun n no work, how to pose for the pics, which costume colors would look gud in the pics, wat not............

All the dreams shattered right in front of my eyes .........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Laziness is a luxury, can u afford it?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no :(

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Clutches, gears, breaks...its driving me crazy,
or am I driving crazy????

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rules for a happy life!!!!

Rules are made to be broken!!!! Ya I know this and follow this sincerely....but there is a small change to that " Rules framed by others are to be broken" ;). I know I sound like a prankster ( I know I am), what I actually mean is that I have a set of rules for my life and follow it religiously and am happy. So these are the set of rules for a happy life according to me:
  • Set your ambition for life and work towards it.
  • Enjoy every moment of life!! (be it tea break at office or d dinner with family or the pranks with friends)
  • Save water
  • Obey traffic rules
  • Give somebody or something the benefit of doubt
  • Set your own fashion statements and comfort always stays ahead of style
  • Serve the society how ever small it might be...
  • My priorities: Family, Friends & Self , Career...... let nothing stop u
  • Keep others happy
  • Last but not the least, believe in GOD

Monday, July 20, 2009


Skateboarding!!! My friend's lil sis got a skate board and was trying to use it in our street... but the little soul didnt know how to use it. And me the Know-it-all girl went to her rescue(chumma padams ;) )

I told her tat she was not doing it the right way and said that it should be done with one leg on the skate board and the other on the ground. With the help of the feet on the ground push the skate board with the other leg and then place the other leg on the skateboard. With the help(balance) of my other friend, I tried to demonstrate this to her. Oh yeah!! She was happy that now she is at least able to move a feet or so... And like a good trainer, I said "Practice makes a man perfect" ;).

After 2 days, she is managing to do it well!!

Namba kathukoduthu oruthar muneri irukkangena, namba yevlo therama sali.... But still to know the real thing, I was in search of a training video and found this. A useful one:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dhidir thathuvam

Loosing a few pounds can help u gain million dollar happiness !!!

[Effect after checking the weighing machine]

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain Rain come again!!!!

Rain is always associated with happiness and is no exception with me. Just the thought of rain, gives me an overdose of endorphin. As a child I always wanted to get fully drenched in rain and wanted to dance with the trees. And as all parents, my parents also never let me do it :(

As I entered into my late teens, I became an "avuthu vitta kazhudhai" ;) and decided that my parents cannot stop me from enjoying and dancing in the rain. But as fate would have it, it never rained hard during weekends/holidays. There was one Sunday wen it rained hard and I pulled all my friends out and danced not just with the trees but also with my friends singing all songs related to rains!!! And as all good things would come to an end, rain was no exception here. I just wish I had a digi cam to capture those moments. And the day ended with a lot of advice from my Dad :(

Last year, all members of the nuclear deal (of yeah, am talking abt my family) had been to Kodai. Just like all other tourists, we had been to the Kodai lake. After a long wait in the q, we got our chance to row (rather pedal) our boat. My dad and I were pedaling. Out of nowhere the Grey clouds filled up the sky and started showering at us. Wat more?? Now there is too much of
endorphin and guts. I stopped pedaling and my dad knew it was my day ;). While the rest of the lake went empty, we stayed in the middle of the lake. And I cant foget the masala pori we were munching in the rain in the lake. And the day ended with a fully drenched family and a fully satisfied me!!!

Yen indha vegam?

Avasaram, Avasaram, Avasaram....
Yen indha avasaram????

Vanai kodaiai madaka pogiraya?
Megatha panjai matra pogiraya?

Ne panjai parakum mun,
Vaganathin vegathai kore.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fav. food stuff!!!!

List of food items I like and where I like them best:
1. Sambar vadai from Saravana bhavan,
2. Spicy corn from Mathura
3. Bhel puri from Gangothri
4. Stuffed paratha from Mithai Mandhir
5. Triple chocolate from cake walk
6. Chikku Juice from Hotchips, Pondy bazar (near Big bazar). They do it by smashing chikku with vanila icream. The minute I think of it, my mouth starts watering.
7. Idly from Palmgrove
8. Grape juice from Palmgrove.
9. Samosa from Kalaimagal sweets, this shop is right opposite to my street and servers the best samosas.
10. And the best of all, CASSATA from Arun iceream!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Meditation : Consciously concentrating on nothing
Sleep : Unconsciously concentrating on nothing

I prefer the latter ;)

Dont ignore customer feedback

A complaint received by the Pontiac Division of General Motors:

"This is the second time I have written you, and I don't blame you for not answering me, because I kind of sound crazy, but it is a fact that we have a tradition in our family of ice cream for dessert after dinner each night. The kind of ice cream varies so every night after we have eaten, the whole family votes on which kind of ice cream we should have and I drive down to the store to get it. It is also a fact that I recently purchased a new Pontiac and since then my trips to the store have created a problem.

You see, every time I buy vanilla ice cream, when I start back from the store my car wont start. If I get any other kind of ice cream, the car starts just fine. I want you to know I'm serious about this question, no matter how silly it sounds: " What is there about a Pontiac that makes it not start when I get vanilla ice cream, and easy to start whenever I get any other kind? "

The Pontiac President was understandably skeptical about the letter, but sent an engineer to check it out anyway. The latter was surprised to be greeted by a successful, obviously well-educated man in a fine neighborhood. The engineer had arranged to meet the man just after dinner time, so the two hopped into the car and drove to the ice cream store. It was vanilla ice cream that night, and sure enough, after they came back to the car, it wouldn't start.

The engineer returned for three more nights. The first night, the man got chocolate, the car started. The second night, he got strawberry, the car started. The third night he ordered vanilla, the car failed to start. Now the engineer being a logical man refused to believe that this man's car was allergic to vanilla ice cream. He arranged therefore to continue his visits for as long as it took to solve the problem. And towards this end he began to take notes: he jotted down all sorts of data, time of day, type of gas used, time to drive back and forth, etc.

In a short time he had a clue: the man took less time to buy vanilla than any other flavor. Why? The answer was in the layout of the store. Vanilla, being the most popular flavor, was in a separate case at the front of the store for quick pickup. All the other flavors were kept in the back of the store at a different counter where it took considerably longer to find the flavor and get checked out.

Now the question for the engineer was why the car wouldn't start when it took less time. Once time became the problem - - not the vanilla ice cream the engineer quickly came up with the answer: vapor lock. It was happening every night, but the extra time taken to get the other flavors allowed the engine to cool down sufficiently to start. When the man got vanilla, the engine was still too hot for the vapor lock to dissipate.

All models then had their gas systems changed. The guy got a new car and also had his car repaired (now it likes vanilla flavor). General Motors disseminated an internal official statement, demanding employees to take seriously any claims, even if it sounded bizarre, " because maybe a great innovation is hidden after a vanilla ice cream."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Came across an interesting picture..its a typical example of how corporate communication works.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do u brush ur teeth before going to bed?

How may of us actually brush our teeth before going to bed?? I guess on 40% of us do it. And the major reason for not doing so is "LAZINESS". I dont promise that this post will be an eye opener and you start brushing at night, right from today.

On the way to/from work, it is usual to see beggars here and there. Nothing unusual. But last month, one late evening on the way back home, I noticed something unusual. I saw a beggar brushing his teeth!!! Shocking ?? When I told this to my sis, she just brushed it away saying that I am just interpreting things the wrong way.

Yesterday, me and my sis had gone out and on the way back home we had to cross the beggar's lane. I was telling her that this is where I saw him brushing. We looked up and YES he was brushing!!!!

These day beggars are concerned of their health, more than us....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Reversed PIN = Emergency call ??

Ok ! I got this mail with the subject "ATM thieves - Read the IMP Message bellow" today and wanted to dig up a little on this topic.

Read carefully




Is this true!! No chance..If there was something like this, we wud have got this info from our banks. After a little bit of googleing, I realized that this was a proposed solution to save ATM users in 1994 by Josheph Zigher, a Chicago businessman. But this did not interest the bankers. They had their own reasons to reject:

* Firstly, if this system was in place and alerted the police, by the time the rescue team reaches the spot, the attackers would have gone.

* Any one who is threatened with a gun on his/her head would have trouble entering the PIN in reverse, so no money from the ATM & further irritating the attacker.

* Incase this system is in place, what if people enter the PIN reversed by mistake..sending a false alarm to the police.

So, this system is not in place, atleast right now. A few links of more help

Note: Another important thing, dont send such message to everyone before verifying them. You can at least save the nwt bandwidth ;)