Thursday, September 30, 2010

Signs of happiness

I came across this article recently, that says there are 9 signs that say that u r happier than u think. On a quick note the 9 signs are
  • You were a smiley student in your college yearbook pictures
  • You have a sister
  • You're not glued to the TV
  • You keep souvenirs on display
  • You make exercise a priority
  • You have a healthy love life
  • You hang out with happy people
  • You stay warm with hot coffee/tea
  • You have at least two best friends
Out of my research on this topic, I am adding 9 more points
  1. From the outside, u look like u r into some deep thinking and wen some1 asks u wat u r thinking abt, u instantly say "thinking abt wat to think". If u have nothing to worry/think abt, then u r definitely happy.It is definitely a bliss, to stay not worrying abt any thing like Arya in the first half of Boss engira Baskaran.
  2. You love going for platform/window shopping. U draw some Rs.1000 from ur ATM and go shopping at Pondy Bazar, buy all the clothes, shoes n stuff, eat junk food on the credit card, buy the platform suff on half the bargain. Get home and find that u still have some Rs.600 left and feel satisfied that u made the best of the shopping ever ;) !!!
  3. You are a creative person. Only happy people can be creative
  4. U see problems as challenges
  5. You love eating the softy ice cream cone!!
  6. You will fall asleep as soon as ur face touches the pillow (I love this part ;))
  7. Reading the characteristics of ur zodiac sign excites u.
  8. U watch cartoons!!!
  9. And after reading all these points, u are doubly happy that most of the points match ur behavioral patterns :D!!
What do u think abt these points. Has Swetha done her research right? Add ur points as well....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Title :DDDD

Hello friends!!! Hope everyone is doing well!! Am gr8 and having a very good time of my life. The change of place, lifestyle, cooking, routine and everything I can point fingers at are responsible for my brk from blogging.

I know I know, just as u read d above line, u would have said “ shez blabbering…shez just lazy”………….. If u did, U R ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! It has taken quite a long time and effort for me to actually start blogging. I know, am BAD. But that OK!

My marriage went on very well. And then had a hectic 15 days of touring the whole of TN for temple visits and relatives’ places. Then flew to Norfolk, Virginia, US. Right now, am enjoying a brk frm my career. Am becoming a very nice home maker, doing all the budgeting, cooking, taking care of the family (for now its only my hubby). I have started cooking really well. In fact I made kolukattai for Vinayaka Chathurthy!!

And in case u just didn’t figure it out, I will be blogging regularly!!! Bye for now!

Monday, May 10, 2010

You are not just are the most expected!!

A fairy tale has just begun in the most perfect way,
Down on one knee a ring was given, “YES” did the lady say,
But this is not a dream we are in, this is love that’s true,
Now we await with eagerness the day we'll tie the knots!!!
Be there to be a part of a our fairy tale wedding!!!!

With love,
Swetha & Santhosh

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kudaimilagai(capsicum) poriyal


  1. 2 chopped kudaimilagai(capsicum)
  2. 4 chopped onions
  3. 1/2 spoon thelabai karam (garlic flavored chilli powder. Will soon post on how to make it)
  4. 2-3 spoons pappul podi
  5. Salt as required


  1. Heat the tawa and add 2 spoons of oil
  2. Add the chopped onions and capsicum in it
  3. Add a pinch of salt, mix well and put the flame on sim.
  4. Add mustard and mix.
  5. Close the tawa to let it cook for 5-6 mins
  6. Once the color changes to mild green and onions turn translucent, add 1/2 spoon thelabai karam
  7. 2-3 spoons pappul podi (The famous Andhra podi. U can find a lot on how to make it here)
  8. Add very little salt (salt is already there in pappul podi)
  9. Taste it and add salt/ karam/pappul podi as required

Capsicum can be replaced with veggies like ladies finger, carrot....

I've tried this three times now and am loving it!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey I' ve started cooking !!!!!

OK OK enough enough!!!! Stop that funny look!!
I've started cook for good (Well!! Whose good? I seriously dont know) By around 2 weeks I've learnt cooking quite some items. I am just bloging so that I dont have to make ISD every time am stuck up in the kitchen :P. OK here goes my first item:


The following ingredients are required for the preparation:

fistfull of Ulutham parupu (kaipidi alau)
2 kanja milagai (2 dry chilly)
1 kattu pudhina ( 1 pck of Mint leaves)
2 teaspoons of tamarind paste
Coconut, as per the taste required/optional ( I used less than a half coconut)
Salt as per taste
asafoetida (perungayam)

  • Heat the tawa with a litte oil
  • Add the Ulutham parupu and the dried chillies
  • Fry it until the dhal truns golden brown. Turn off the stove
  • Add a pinch of asafoetida for the taste. mix well.
  • Empty the contents into a dry bowl
  • Now add the washed pudhina leaves (without water) into the tawa. No need to light the stove.
  • Let the leaves cook in the mild heat
  • Meanwhile, powder the fried dal and chillies in the mixie.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of the tamarind paste, 1/4 spoon of salt, a little water so that they mix well and grind
  • Add the grated coconut and cooked pudhina in this mixture and little water for the consistency and rind well.
  • Taste it and add salt and tamarind paste as required.
  • The coconut in this recipie is optional. This same procedure can be userd for curry leaves thogayal but without coconut.
OK !! Now u dont have to thank me for this enlightenment :P !!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uffff with these teenagers

One day I get a forwarded friendship msg from an unknown number. I ignored it (idhu ellam oru alagana ponnu vazhkaile sagajam'le ;)). Next day another one. And then on, a forwarded msg every now n then. U know how irritating it is wen ur mobile keeps vibrating every 10 mins wen in a meeting. I replied asking the identity of the person, assuming I missed one of my colleagues/friends. Then comes the response, "Whoz dis?"

I was like, Wat the hell?? The person sends me an sms and does not know who I am??? I responded back saying I got an sms from his number and he promptly denied it. I called him up, warned him not to msg me and cut the conversation. He comes back again asking "U yendha college??". No response from my side. This happened some 2 months back.

And then till yesterday no sms. Tholla mudijadhunu nenacha iniki oru sms....romba sentia oru msg, idhule kadaisile "my dear" vere

Indha vaati romba gandu ayiten, again asked him who he was...then the same drama repeatu...This time I forwarded his msg and asked him who sent this...he was like "ya ..but I though this was my friend's no" (yara namba solre) And again "Nice to chat wit u, U yendha college??". He received a reply "Am no college goer, am a 50 yr old with 0 patience. Dont disturb me again." Bayandhu viduvananu partha "Ok , I like u grand mother"nu oru reply....I was speechless...........

Seri chapter close'nu partha thirumba 1 hr le inoru friendship sms.....I dont understand how they can send sms to ppl they dont eve n kno.....kiruku pasange..I think all they need to know is whether its a girl's no. or a boy's no.................uffff with these teenagers

Monday, March 8, 2010

Turning Point!!!

A break from blogging that's been
Somethingz been keeping me away
Is it work?
Is it laziness?
Is it a new hobby?
Or is it this guy????
Ya its him...........

God knew the right timing!
He planned it well.........
When we were fully unplanned!
Met through a common well wisher(Actually my Chithy)

First day - saw orkut profiles
Second day - an ISD call
Third day - a Skype call
Fourth day - Engagement date fixed!
Tenth day - Engagement!!! Remote Engagement!!!!!!!
A dream thatz now true!!!!!!!

A roller coaster ride it was......
Hurt my hands pinching to reality
And now hours on skype and mobile
Dumped blogger for a while
And here goes my 50th blog!!!!!!
The one that I'd love to treasure!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Save the children

Recently I cam across an NGO "Save the children" through an adv. call. This is their site. Seems to be pretty gud. You can sponsor children through them. I think its a monthly donation of Rs.300 that will go to the child.

But one thing am skeptical abt is that, there are many links in the site that are not working and I dont actually know anyone who is already associated with this NGO. So incase u r interested in sponsoring a child thro' them, pls do ur homework. Am not trying to scare u ppl, but this is just a caution. Incase u know anyone associated with this NGO, please comment in the comments sections so that everybody knows about it.

Incse you want to know more, please contact Elangovan(97888 43681). They say they will come and collect the money from the sponsor personally.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Munnar..... beautiful Munnar

My random thoughts summarized:
  • Visiting a hill station is trill and fun more than a relaxation with friends.
  • Trekking in a path that was never used and the destination unknown is a super duper adventure (esp. wen u find a worn out snake skin in the middle of the path and everyone recollect the "itchadhari nagam" matter ;) )
  • Wen 12 crazy ppl stay awake till 1.00am in the hall in Munnar and discuss abt paranormal activities, the temperature raises to that in Chennai.
  • Dont be lazy to wake up early in the morning for another trek. I happily slept the next day morning only to find that the initially 3 member 'morning trek' gang eventually became 12 minus 1 left at 8.00am (idhudha avanga oorule early morning trek pola)
  • Choose the right resort to stay. Dont believe in exaggerating feedback from friends esp. when the person is a known exaggerator. So "Chancellor resorts" is not worth all the hype by my dear friend DV. If u want to use the resort, one - expect no hospitality and have zero expectation on decent food and hot water bath.
  • Dont forget to visit the neaby potti kadai for MASALA TEA. The taste wont be gr8 but having tea, in a road side shop, with friends, in a hill, in that climate is just out of the world
  • Visiting the usual tourist spots should be avoided\kept for the last day to have max. fun wen with friends.
  • And for the most important thing, pick the right ppl for the trip.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single this Valentine's day??

After reading a lot of blogs n articles declaring the advantages of being single on a valentines day, I wanted to jot down a few pts on the disadvantages :
  1. This the first and greatest disadvantage of being a single (Girl)...u cant cut ur hair in different styles as u wish. hmmmm "kalyanam ana apparam yeppadi venumna vettiko... adhu varaikum summa irru" (cut it as u wish after marriage...till then keep quite)
  2. U r enough fee time to give gift and kadalai ideas for others...exhaust all ur ideas for others and I guess wen its time for us, no one will be der to help us out :(
  3. U r expected to look ur best at any family function and stand like a doll in front of every one... esp. wen u r being introduced to some elders who r ur parent's cousin's aunty's some one some one and give them sweet smiles.
  4. U cant wear clothes (this is also fine, they expect us to wear a specific hair style) of ur choice at get-to-gethers.
  5. Be very careful abt ur orkut and facebook profile pics.
  6. Professional achievements dont matter....the reaction u get "this is all secondary...wat did u think abt ur m***"
  7. Unlimited no. of advices on how to keep ur skin and hair lively..uff am fedup of this.
  8. Spend all ur money on the horo matching and stuff..Any time u ask the astrologer will say "in another 6 months, she will get married...shez got the best horo" ;)
  9. U will start learning many aspects of the Indian astrology and get all the more confused in selecting the right person. And u stat predicting for others.
  10. By the time u r comitted or married, u wud have visited all the best places in the city/state/country/world with friends...
  11. "Dont b too choosy...u r not Jo so dont expect a Surya" - OK Ok I kno that!! But I have my own preferences..dont u understand
These wer on top of my mind and u r welcome to add on....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From today!!!

Its in our hands to make India really REPUBLIC- Lets strive for it!

Question people if you think they are doing something wrong, raise voice where required, start making noise even if the bus stops away from the stop. Such things can actually rouse this feeling amongst others...may be embarrassing in the initial stages, once it starts paying the returns, then its only positive inspiration for self and for others.

Only tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean. Its never late to start now. So START!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pongaloooo Pongal

This time Pongal was very interesting. As usual we went to our native place. Off late not many of our cousins are meeting up. U know.... growing up, getting married, kids, profession n all such things. This time, many of us got together, played cards ( wat happens wen a bunch of 8 odd grown up nuts play "Bluff"), panner soda (goli soda mmmmmmmmm tasty), sugar cane (this time I had one whole 1 feet piece of sugarcane, biting it, peeling it and enjoying it.........mmmm), bajji and for the grand finale, enga ammava suthi ella cousins okkandhu, nila soru saptom (ana veeku kulla ;)) This time it was real real fun. Pongalooo Pongal!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 idiots - a review

Watched 3 idiots over the weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly!! Worth the money you pay at the multiplexes.

A few of my observations:
  1. For a little masala effect, 5 point someone has been tweeked a little for the audience. The chars. Hari and Ryan have been clubbed to make Amir the HERO.
  2. "Aal izz Well" has done them good.
  3. Baby delivery with a vaccum cleaner is a bit too much. But every thing is fair wen the hero has a big name. and esp. if he has "Khan" as the last name ;)
  4. They have used few known/famous jokes/facts in the movie. The anti-gravity pen that is used in the space, an Arab taking a pic of 7-8 burka clad ladies in the Simla entry scene, daring the examiner for their names and mixing their ans sheets.... Ppl who arent used to fwd mails will enjoy these scenes.
  5. I didnt c Chetan Bhagat's name in the Title song...too bad. His story is the real base and his role can not be ignored. He shud have been give a little more importance.
  6. Overall the movie was a nice entertainer!!

Custard Apple cream!!

Off late, therez been a lot of eating out and I've been wanting to post them but u know, I make the most out of being lazy. And hence the delay in these posts. Ok I first start with Haji Ali Fruit shop. Its on the Greams Road, Chennai. They specialize in CREAMS!!!! I had been there with my cousins and liked it instantly! We had Custard apple cream, it was just heavenly!!! I wanted my mom to taste it.

So last month we went there after a movie in Sathyam. We ordered custard apple cream(CAC), Kiwi cream and some sandwiches. She loved it tooo. And being a super duper cook, she identified the ingredients instantly. She started formulating the procedure to make it and the next weekend, we were eating CAC at home.

Its pretty simple. The cream has to be prepared first and just add custard apple edible parts (wat is it actually called?). The cream is nothing but basundhi with lesser sugar so that the sweetness does not dominate th CA flavour. The consistancy should be like the dosa dough. Put it in the mixie and beat once for a smooth and fluffy feel. Once basundhi is done add the CA edible part, mix well, chill and serve. Heavenly is not the word. Mom u r a Super MOM!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We are OPEN

One of the values of my NEW COMPANY

"We are OPEN" to ideas, change .....

They insist so much on this but silly ppl they are not even OPEN TO INTERNET.

No more personal mails, orkutting, blogging, social ntwing,cha no chatting also :(

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy new year!!!

After reading all the new year posts, I wanted to write one. Rattled my brain for a unique idea, nadandhukute yosichen (thinking while walking), kupura paduthu yosichen (thinking while lying) , kannathule kai vechitu yosichen (thinking with my hand on my cheeks) (The English is a lil horrible. But I wanted to give the exact feel as in Tamil ;)) . And came up with a unique idea for the new year post.

"Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year"

PS: Sirikadhinge (Dont laugh) no no stop. Idhu nijamave unique dhan. Yarume ivlo simple post ezhudhale (This is really unique. No one has written such a simple post). Correcta?