Thursday, September 30, 2010

Signs of happiness

I came across this article recently, that says there are 9 signs that say that u r happier than u think. On a quick note the 9 signs are
  • You were a smiley student in your college yearbook pictures
  • You have a sister
  • You're not glued to the TV
  • You keep souvenirs on display
  • You make exercise a priority
  • You have a healthy love life
  • You hang out with happy people
  • You stay warm with hot coffee/tea
  • You have at least two best friends
Out of my research on this topic, I am adding 9 more points
  1. From the outside, u look like u r into some deep thinking and wen some1 asks u wat u r thinking abt, u instantly say "thinking abt wat to think". If u have nothing to worry/think abt, then u r definitely happy.It is definitely a bliss, to stay not worrying abt any thing like Arya in the first half of Boss engira Baskaran.
  2. You love going for platform/window shopping. U draw some Rs.1000 from ur ATM and go shopping at Pondy Bazar, buy all the clothes, shoes n stuff, eat junk food on the credit card, buy the platform suff on half the bargain. Get home and find that u still have some Rs.600 left and feel satisfied that u made the best of the shopping ever ;) !!!
  3. You are a creative person. Only happy people can be creative
  4. U see problems as challenges
  5. You love eating the softy ice cream cone!!
  6. You will fall asleep as soon as ur face touches the pillow (I love this part ;))
  7. Reading the characteristics of ur zodiac sign excites u.
  8. U watch cartoons!!!
  9. And after reading all these points, u are doubly happy that most of the points match ur behavioral patterns :D!!
What do u think abt these points. Has Swetha done her research right? Add ur points as well....


  1. girl dont think a lot....doesnt suit you...udambukku nallathu illa :)

  2. @Shuba: hmmmm ippo indha madri yosikardha thavira ere velai ille!!