Monday, March 20, 2017

My little philosopher

Last Sunday night, P watched 'Mass',a Tamil Ghost movie which is not very scary though...
After dinner we were getting ready to go to bed. Suddenly P asked me how did the scary ghosts become hero's friends? Below is a part of our conversation.
S: Ghost will scare you only if u get scared. If u r brave they will not scare u.
P: oh! Is it like that in real life also?
S: (wording my lines carefully n cautiously so that I don't scare him) yes kanna. if u cry for silly things ppl might make u cry. If u get scared easily ppl will try to scare u. See what happens when u play with some friends....they always make u cry.
P: Maaa u know what,the other day A gave me two hard bashes...
S: Really ? Why didn't you block him?  He is always doing this to you. U should give him back may be.
P: meaaaaaaaa? Aiyooooo?
S: why dear can't you hit him?
(Here's the cherry on the cake)
P: look at me Maaa.  I am always singing dancing and happy. What I am doing is what is in my mind. So I won't hit.
I was very surprised n was in full admiration for understanding himself. I was like , was it really my son?????
Sometimes I give him some random philosophies like these to stop him from being adamant ....when ever I do, he will always stop me saying 'arambichitiya?'or 'podum Maaa' . Am happy that he is able to grasp something from that.....
Enjoy da chellam neee

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Happy women's day!!!

This women's day, I suddenly have an urge to disturb the blogger in me  that has been sleeping for a few years now. I am dedicating this post to all the men in my small cozy world who have made me confident, comfortable and competent. Now in my early 30s and being a young parent, looking back am feeling very fortunate to have been amongst you all.

Dad Dad Dad, how come u never denied my first friends outing? With freedom comes power n responsibility. U've made me that brave warrier....

My dear husband, you are the bestest friend I didn't have since a childhood. U've made me the Queen of my world ..

My lil baby boy, by the way you say 'you are the best mummy in the whole wide world', u've given me super woman powers...

My FIL, u have always treated me special n U've made me feel special...

 U silly & crazy cousins n friends, u've made me realise that the world has many wonderful men....

 Hey Boss, thank you for those challenges and for being a great leader. U've made me a tough competitor.

My wonderful colleagues, we've always treated each other as equals. U've made me a good team player...

Dear Uncles, you have always been very supportive. U've made me feel comfortable.

Oh yeah  how can I forget those tough guys, well u've shown me some harsh realities of life.

And dear women, who also fall in most of the above categories, Wishing u all a Happy Women's Day