Friday, February 19, 2010

Save the children

Recently I cam across an NGO "Save the children" through an adv. call. This is their site. Seems to be pretty gud. You can sponsor children through them. I think its a monthly donation of Rs.300 that will go to the child.

But one thing am skeptical abt is that, there are many links in the site that are not working and I dont actually know anyone who is already associated with this NGO. So incase u r interested in sponsoring a child thro' them, pls do ur homework. Am not trying to scare u ppl, but this is just a caution. Incase u know anyone associated with this NGO, please comment in the comments sections so that everybody knows about it.

Incse you want to know more, please contact Elangovan(97888 43681). They say they will come and collect the money from the sponsor personally.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Munnar..... beautiful Munnar

My random thoughts summarized:
  • Visiting a hill station is trill and fun more than a relaxation with friends.
  • Trekking in a path that was never used and the destination unknown is a super duper adventure (esp. wen u find a worn out snake skin in the middle of the path and everyone recollect the "itchadhari nagam" matter ;) )
  • Wen 12 crazy ppl stay awake till 1.00am in the hall in Munnar and discuss abt paranormal activities, the temperature raises to that in Chennai.
  • Dont be lazy to wake up early in the morning for another trek. I happily slept the next day morning only to find that the initially 3 member 'morning trek' gang eventually became 12 minus 1 left at 8.00am (idhudha avanga oorule early morning trek pola)
  • Choose the right resort to stay. Dont believe in exaggerating feedback from friends esp. when the person is a known exaggerator. So "Chancellor resorts" is not worth all the hype by my dear friend DV. If u want to use the resort, one - expect no hospitality and have zero expectation on decent food and hot water bath.
  • Dont forget to visit the neaby potti kadai for MASALA TEA. The taste wont be gr8 but having tea, in a road side shop, with friends, in a hill, in that climate is just out of the world
  • Visiting the usual tourist spots should be avoided\kept for the last day to have max. fun wen with friends.
  • And for the most important thing, pick the right ppl for the trip.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single this Valentine's day??

After reading a lot of blogs n articles declaring the advantages of being single on a valentines day, I wanted to jot down a few pts on the disadvantages :
  1. This the first and greatest disadvantage of being a single (Girl)...u cant cut ur hair in different styles as u wish. hmmmm "kalyanam ana apparam yeppadi venumna vettiko... adhu varaikum summa irru" (cut it as u wish after marriage...till then keep quite)
  2. U r enough fee time to give gift and kadalai ideas for others...exhaust all ur ideas for others and I guess wen its time for us, no one will be der to help us out :(
  3. U r expected to look ur best at any family function and stand like a doll in front of every one... esp. wen u r being introduced to some elders who r ur parent's cousin's aunty's some one some one and give them sweet smiles.
  4. U cant wear clothes (this is also fine, they expect us to wear a specific hair style) of ur choice at get-to-gethers.
  5. Be very careful abt ur orkut and facebook profile pics.
  6. Professional achievements dont matter....the reaction u get "this is all secondary...wat did u think abt ur m***"
  7. Unlimited no. of advices on how to keep ur skin and hair lively..uff am fedup of this.
  8. Spend all ur money on the horo matching and stuff..Any time u ask the astrologer will say "in another 6 months, she will get married...shez got the best horo" ;)
  9. U will start learning many aspects of the Indian astrology and get all the more confused in selecting the right person. And u stat predicting for others.
  10. By the time u r comitted or married, u wud have visited all the best places in the city/state/country/world with friends...
  11. "Dont b too choosy...u r not Jo so dont expect a Surya" - OK Ok I kno that!! But I have my own preferences..dont u understand
These wer on top of my mind and u r welcome to add on....