Sunday, February 14, 2010

Single this Valentine's day??

After reading a lot of blogs n articles declaring the advantages of being single on a valentines day, I wanted to jot down a few pts on the disadvantages :
  1. This the first and greatest disadvantage of being a single (Girl)...u cant cut ur hair in different styles as u wish. hmmmm "kalyanam ana apparam yeppadi venumna vettiko... adhu varaikum summa irru" (cut it as u wish after marriage...till then keep quite)
  2. U r enough fee time to give gift and kadalai ideas for others...exhaust all ur ideas for others and I guess wen its time for us, no one will be der to help us out :(
  3. U r expected to look ur best at any family function and stand like a doll in front of every one... esp. wen u r being introduced to some elders who r ur parent's cousin's aunty's some one some one and give them sweet smiles.
  4. U cant wear clothes (this is also fine, they expect us to wear a specific hair style) of ur choice at get-to-gethers.
  5. Be very careful abt ur orkut and facebook profile pics.
  6. Professional achievements dont matter....the reaction u get "this is all secondary...wat did u think abt ur m***"
  7. Unlimited no. of advices on how to keep ur skin and hair lively..uff am fedup of this.
  8. Spend all ur money on the horo matching and stuff..Any time u ask the astrologer will say "in another 6 months, she will get married...shez got the best horo" ;)
  9. U will start learning many aspects of the Indian astrology and get all the more confused in selecting the right person. And u stat predicting for others.
  10. By the time u r comitted or married, u wud have visited all the best places in the city/state/country/world with friends...
  11. "Dont b too choosy...u r not Jo so dont expect a Surya" - OK Ok I kno that!! But I have my own preferences..dont u understand
These wer on top of my mind and u r welcome to add on....


  1. These may be the cons....there are always lots of pros too...see the glass half full ;-)

  2. People see the status "single" more like "orphan". Even in office, married ppl are not asked to come over the weekends (if needed), sikki sinnaa pinamaa poradhu indha paazhaa pona "single" aalunga thaan, yen ? namba enna anaadhayaa ? kalyaanam aanaa thaan "family" nu evan sonnaan ? So in that way I feel being single is a bit "troublesome"

    Micha padi indha valentine, turpentine la ellaam enakku nambikai illa. "Kedaikaradhu Kedaikaama Irukaadhu, Kedaikaadhadhu Kedaikave Kedaikaadhu", enga thala sonnadhu :)

  3. @Annamalayan - appadi ippadi sonna aarudhala irukku!!

    @DV - too many posts on the plus' so just making a note of the minus enjoying this phase tooo ;)

    @Satish - ha ha ha I think this shud top the list. "turpentine"? edhu enna pudhusa irukku??

  4. This is the phase, so instead of listing out disadvantages, make best use of it. ;). Ellaam anubavam thaaan....

  5. LOL :D :D loud n clear message :D :D ur name and u speaking tamizh!!!! chaanceeleenga...each time i get stumped :D

  6. Romba sogam polirukku "single" status la...But to me, i felt some of the points apply immaterial of your 6,7,8

  7. @All: Actuala sogam ellam illee..sandhoshama oru suthitu looty adichitu irukken...some hiccups here n there make life more interesting and worth looking forward to...

    @CG: Am trying to get the best out of this phase ;)

    @Gils: Caught u!!! am no North Indian, typical Chennai born n brought up girls ;) so tamil ellam saralama varum

    @Chan : same pinch, no back pinch ;)

  8. Wrong in all aspects, umm atleast with me..

    1. i cut my knee length hair last year to a boy cut.. i grew it and cut it again last month :P

    2. ummm.. guys n girls flee if i give advice or dating tips :D

    3. he he hehe.. i never attend any :D

    4. Jean and Tee irrespective of whos who is attending.. Mom is tearing her hair out, i know :D

    5. umm... all my secret shenanigans are out open in public vis FB :D

    6. sadly i am a freelancer n folks dont even understand wat i do :P

    7. he he he... they used to come in but stopped once they saw i zone out in 30 seconds :D

    8. ha haha.. i spent money yes, but to pay the astro to say if she gets married she will get divorced in 2 months... so u can see how i am escaping so far :D

    9. umm.. i do that as i am an avid traveller.. nothing more..

    10 - h aha ha ha ha ha.. i am no Jo but i am RAT and i demand the best.. i poopoo at Surya :D :D

    Good luck girl.. if u want helps to ward away potential grooms and matchmakers, who know Whose DA Girl to ask help for :D

    Lovely post

  9. Ratz - How nice!!! How I wish I cud do a beautiful layer for my side partitioned hair in the front and a deep deep 'u' cut at the back....hmmmmm cant do it for now :(

    will get to u as and wen help is needed, stay reachable :D

  10. அருமை ரசித்தேன். சதீஷின் பின்னூட்டமும் :)

  11. LOL .... :) same plight for every girl to be married :P