Monday, December 28, 2009

BYE - This three letter word is REAL HEAVY

Today was the last day at STL and was scared abt this day. Not just b'coz I am leaving my first job, " I have to type the BYE BYE mail" :( . I didnt want to write anything or rather didnt feel like saying bye or rather didnt feel like recollecting things and sending them as an email or ........ BUT had to write it any ways. Tried googleing and was not satisfied my any of the formats and finally wrote one myself. And here it is. Blogging has improved my writing skills :D


Every time I see a “Bidding Adieu” mail from friends and colleagues, I’ve always thought, why do ppl send such big mails just to say the three letter word “BYE”. But now I realize the reason. Words can’t express enough…… there are so many intangible things/memories/experiences with STL that I can never forget in my life. Some good and some bad, though the quotient of bad is very less. Over all the journey was very adventurous and enjoyable. And now the time has come to start a new journey in a new place with a new role. After all what is life without changes. So am moving ahead looking for an adventurous career………

I would like to thank every one in STL who have helped me improve myself, both professionally and personally. Special thanks to Mr.S, my manager ever since I started my career in STL. Thanks for bearing with me and patiently helping me grow day after day.

It has been great working with you all and awaiting to meet you all again soon. After all, it’s a small world (esp. with Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites). Or you can always mail me at or just call me on 0123456789

Senior Engineer - Systems
Phone: 91-44-111111 Extn :1111

(So this is the last time I will be using this signature :( )

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The real fun is not earning money, its carelessly spending the hard earned money !!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Research...or should it be the search??

Me n my friends were discussing about our future and how our families should be groomed and other vetti kathai. Our discussion was led to stage to find out the characteristics of "The Perfect husband". We came up with a lot of chars. of him. And we wanted to relate it to the characters in our Mythology. To our surprise, it was very difficult. We were in search of a person who led a happy family life. I mean the end of their story should be "And they lived happily ever after".

Disclaimer: The post is my own view and not intended to offend anyone. This is just fun intended. I am a proud Indian and will always be proud of its heritage and culture.

So here's our research

Rama? - He is the "avathara purushan" as per our Epics but according to us "NO". He lived away from his wife after the vanavas. He suspected his wife Sita. Whose ever suspicion it might be, she underwent the tedious test, hurt her ego and lived away from him for the rest of her life and so not a happy marriage.

Krishna? - No! Too many girl friends...

Hanuman? - He has the perfect character in all aspects but is single :(

Naradha? - Konjam kalagam pannuvaru ana romba nallavaru.....but single :(

Karna? - Very kind hearted and very nice person! but died during the war :(

Indran? - No no - very weak in ladies matter

Chandran? - No no same here

Suriyan? - Character wise a clean person, but he didnt have a happy married life :(

Vinayaga? - one story says hez not married and the other says has two wives. So No again

Muruga? - two wives. NO

Pandavas? - NO!! All of them married the same girl.

Lakshman? - very nice char....but stayed away from his wife for 14 years. Thats horrible for him and his wife.

Bharathan and Shatrugnan ? - very nice char, but we have no idea abt their family life

Balarama? - Stong person but we dont have an idea about his married life...

Vaali? - No, thambi wifea asa pattaru

Sugrevan? - Theriyale

Shiva? - Parvathya pakathuleye vechikitu, Gangaia thalaile vechitu irukaru...apparam romba kova kararu. NO

Vishu?- No, tooo many wives

Bramha? - Oh yah!!! has only one wife, he peacefully performs his duties, no controversies involved, has one child...OK so we have one good husband here.

Vibhishanan - Good person, clean char has only one wife (I guess) and ruled Lanka after Ravana! So we have another good candidate for the title!

hmmmmmmmmm finally we found two people....wat do you think? Did I forget some one worth the title or got some one wrong? Let me know...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rain Rain come again

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Little Johny wants to play
Rain, rain, go away

This is definitely not a song suited for Chennai. The climate is just too gud, starting from getting up late in the morning, hurrying up to office, feeling the drizzle on the face, managing the umbrella in the rain, getting back home fully drenched (best part ;)).

Daily on the way to office, I pass by a school and today the school was closed, probably due to rain. Just as I passed by I notice something that made me go back to my school days. A kid's (must be 1st or 2nd std) father stopped at the school gate to drop him. The gate was closed and the notice board declared the holiday. When the kid got the message, he placed his palms together(as though praying to GOD) and in quick succession moved his head left to right again and again with this mouth in a wide open smile. It triggered the child in me too..... He was so happy that he injected me the happiness too! Definitely smile and happiness are infectious!!!!