Monday, December 28, 2009

BYE - This three letter word is REAL HEAVY

Today was the last day at STL and was scared abt this day. Not just b'coz I am leaving my first job, " I have to type the BYE BYE mail" :( . I didnt want to write anything or rather didnt feel like saying bye or rather didnt feel like recollecting things and sending them as an email or ........ BUT had to write it any ways. Tried googleing and was not satisfied my any of the formats and finally wrote one myself. And here it is. Blogging has improved my writing skills :D


Every time I see a “Bidding Adieu” mail from friends and colleagues, I’ve always thought, why do ppl send such big mails just to say the three letter word “BYE”. But now I realize the reason. Words can’t express enough…… there are so many intangible things/memories/experiences with STL that I can never forget in my life. Some good and some bad, though the quotient of bad is very less. Over all the journey was very adventurous and enjoyable. And now the time has come to start a new journey in a new place with a new role. After all what is life without changes. So am moving ahead looking for an adventurous career………

I would like to thank every one in STL who have helped me improve myself, both professionally and personally. Special thanks to Mr.S, my manager ever since I started my career in STL. Thanks for bearing with me and patiently helping me grow day after day.

It has been great working with you all and awaiting to meet you all again soon. After all, it’s a small world (esp. with Orkut, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networking sites). Or you can always mail me at or just call me on 0123456789

Senior Engineer - Systems
Phone: 91-44-111111 Extn :1111

(So this is the last time I will be using this signature :( )


  1. First job is always special and goodbyes are not the end but just a new beginning. All the very best for your new job, hope it gives all the adventure you wish. :-P

  2. Unga sangathu oozhiyargal ellaam kanneer vitturupaangale ?? ;) Unga FAN club appo inime avalothaan nu sollunga :)

    Life always throws something better and it is our duty to grab it and move ahead. All the bestuuuu for your new job :)

  3. So, do u have farewell among ur team. All the best for ur future endeavours

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Yen farewell party'le kanner ellam ille, ore ottu dhan. avanga yenna otta, na avangale otta ore comedy than ponge. Farewell is just for the company and not with friends. Distance can never separate ppl.

    Telephone number was changed for the post. Oh my GOD, wat a comedy ???

  5. lol:) at your telephone no. and mail ID:)

  6. All the best for your new job and all future endeavors. Wish you a very Happy new year and prosperous 2010

  7. Let me be the first one to comment on your blog in 2010 :) Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

    Neraya ezhudhunga, pudhu velai la work jaasthi nu kadhai ellaam vidaadheenga, pudhusaa oru IT company join panninaa evalo vettiyaa irupaanga nu engalukkum teriyum :)

    Have a fantabulous 2010 :)

  8. @Lavanya: Thanks a lot and wish u a very happy new year!

    @Satish: Indha varusathule yen blog oda first comment ezhudhunadhu neenga dhanu nenaiki rappo romba perumaia irukungoooo....indha bagiyahuku kadavuluku nandri sollikiren ;) Senior neenga solringe, appadia agattu...Happy new year again!