Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy new year!!!

After reading all the new year posts, I wanted to write one. Rattled my brain for a unique idea, nadandhukute yosichen (thinking while walking), kupura paduthu yosichen (thinking while lying) , kannathule kai vechitu yosichen (thinking with my hand on my cheeks) (The English is a lil horrible. But I wanted to give the exact feel as in Tamil ;)) . And came up with a unique idea for the new year post.

"Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year"

PS: Sirikadhinge (Dont laugh) no no stop. Idhu nijamave unique dhan. Yarume ivlo simple post ezhudhale (This is really unique. No one has written such a simple post). Correcta?


  1. aathaa ... mudiyala aathaa ... mudiyala ... ivalo chinna vayasula ... ivalo arivaaaaa ?? NASA la irukavendiya ponnu maa nee ... NASA la irukavendiya ponnu ... po pa ... po, poyi chamathaa thoongu ... appo thaan adicha quarter oada mabbu theliyum ... adhukaporam indha posta vandhu neeye oru vaati padichu paaru :)))))

  2. If u write the translation in bracket, I will be able to learn a little tamil and will be thankful to you.

  3. enge irunthu intha padatha pudicheenga...Anyway thanks and happy new year to u too.

  4. Thanks everyone

    @Sathish - Feelingsa control pannunge.... Boss, public public

    @Renu - Will edit the post for u :)

    @Ch Girl - courtesy: Google Images