Sunday, January 10, 2010

Custard Apple cream!!

Off late, therez been a lot of eating out and I've been wanting to post them but u know, I make the most out of being lazy. And hence the delay in these posts. Ok I first start with Haji Ali Fruit shop. Its on the Greams Road, Chennai. They specialize in CREAMS!!!! I had been there with my cousins and liked it instantly! We had Custard apple cream, it was just heavenly!!! I wanted my mom to taste it.

So last month we went there after a movie in Sathyam. We ordered custard apple cream(CAC), Kiwi cream and some sandwiches. She loved it tooo. And being a super duper cook, she identified the ingredients instantly. She started formulating the procedure to make it and the next weekend, we were eating CAC at home.

Its pretty simple. The cream has to be prepared first and just add custard apple edible parts (wat is it actually called?). The cream is nothing but basundhi with lesser sugar so that the sweetness does not dominate th CA flavour. The consistancy should be like the dosa dough. Put it in the mixie and beat once for a smooth and fluffy feel. Once basundhi is done add the CA edible part, mix well, chill and serve. Heavenly is not the word. Mom u r a Super MOM!!!


  1. hmm... nice pic and..Iam hungry!

  2. @Sorcerer - u shud really taste it! and its very filling :).

    @Deja Vu - Any time. let me know in advance so I get the CAs ready.

  3. Ippadi oru post podradhukku, ellorukkum oru cup parcel anupi irukalam la?

  4. aahaaan I have a good suggestion for the next blogger meet ;)