Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 idiots - a review

Watched 3 idiots over the weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly!! Worth the money you pay at the multiplexes.

A few of my observations:
  1. For a little masala effect, 5 point someone has been tweeked a little for the audience. The chars. Hari and Ryan have been clubbed to make Amir the HERO.
  2. "Aal izz Well" has done them good.
  3. Baby delivery with a vaccum cleaner is a bit too much. But every thing is fair wen the hero has a big name. and esp. if he has "Khan" as the last name ;)
  4. They have used few known/famous jokes/facts in the movie. The anti-gravity pen that is used in the space, an Arab taking a pic of 7-8 burka clad ladies in the Simla entry scene, daring the examiner for their names and mixing their ans sheets.... Ppl who arent used to fwd mails will enjoy these scenes.
  5. I didnt c Chetan Bhagat's name in the Title song...too bad. His story is the real base and his role can not be ignored. He shud have been give a little more importance.
  6. Overall the movie was a nice entertainer!!


  1. First of all yet to read the book and as well watch the film. So, no idea. But loved this comment.
    // But every thing is fair wen the hero has a big name. and esp. if he has "Khan" as the last name ;)//
    I dont understand why they say all " aaha oohoo" abt this aamir khan, i dont find anything unusual (atleast my view)

  2. Naa kadaisiyaa paartha hindi padam "Sholey" ;)))

  3. I enjoyed it no doubt...all izzz welll

  4. @Ch girl -Thanks! If the name is big, anything and everything is a hit in Bollywood. I would suggest, watch the movie. u save time and u get the masala stuff. Btw I am a big fan of SURYA!!

    @Satish - inda padam parunge. nalla irukku.

    @Deja Vu - :)

  5. havent read the book, but I dont like this delivery humour in bollywood, it was in Salaam Namastey also.

  6. @Renu - if u r talking abt the baby delivery, in this movie its a very serious scene/ turning point. I dont know abt salam namaste

    @Sorcerer - :)