Tuesday, January 26, 2010

From today!!!

Its in our hands to make India really REPUBLIC- Lets strive for it!

Question people if you think they are doing something wrong, raise voice where required, start making noise even if the bus stops away from the stop. Such things can actually rouse this feeling amongst others...may be embarrassing in the initial stages, once it starts paying the returns, then its only positive inspiration for self and for others.

Only tiny drops of water make a mighty ocean. Its never late to start now. So START!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pongaloooo Pongal

This time Pongal was very interesting. As usual we went to our native place. Off late not many of our cousins are meeting up. U know.... growing up, getting married, kids, profession n all such things. This time, many of us got together, played cards ( wat happens wen a bunch of 8 odd grown up nuts play "Bluff"), panner soda (goli soda mmmmmmmmm tasty), sugar cane (this time I had one whole 1 feet piece of sugarcane, biting it, peeling it and enjoying it.........mmmm), bajji and for the grand finale, enga ammava suthi ella cousins okkandhu, nila soru saptom (ana veeku kulla ;)) This time it was real real fun. Pongalooo Pongal!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 idiots - a review

Watched 3 idiots over the weekend, and enjoyed it thoroughly!! Worth the money you pay at the multiplexes.

A few of my observations:
  1. For a little masala effect, 5 point someone has been tweeked a little for the audience. The chars. Hari and Ryan have been clubbed to make Amir the HERO.
  2. "Aal izz Well" has done them good.
  3. Baby delivery with a vaccum cleaner is a bit too much. But every thing is fair wen the hero has a big name. and esp. if he has "Khan" as the last name ;)
  4. They have used few known/famous jokes/facts in the movie. The anti-gravity pen that is used in the space, an Arab taking a pic of 7-8 burka clad ladies in the Simla entry scene, daring the examiner for their names and mixing their ans sheets.... Ppl who arent used to fwd mails will enjoy these scenes.
  5. I didnt c Chetan Bhagat's name in the Title song...too bad. His story is the real base and his role can not be ignored. He shud have been give a little more importance.
  6. Overall the movie was a nice entertainer!!

Custard Apple cream!!

Off late, therez been a lot of eating out and I've been wanting to post them but u know, I make the most out of being lazy. And hence the delay in these posts. Ok I first start with Haji Ali Fruit shop. Its on the Greams Road, Chennai. They specialize in CREAMS!!!! I had been there with my cousins and liked it instantly! We had Custard apple cream, it was just heavenly!!! I wanted my mom to taste it.

So last month we went there after a movie in Sathyam. We ordered custard apple cream(CAC), Kiwi cream and some sandwiches. She loved it tooo. And being a super duper cook, she identified the ingredients instantly. She started formulating the procedure to make it and the next weekend, we were eating CAC at home.

Its pretty simple. The cream has to be prepared first and just add custard apple edible parts (wat is it actually called?). The cream is nothing but basundhi with lesser sugar so that the sweetness does not dominate th CA flavour. The consistancy should be like the dosa dough. Put it in the mixie and beat once for a smooth and fluffy feel. Once basundhi is done add the CA edible part, mix well, chill and serve. Heavenly is not the word. Mom u r a Super MOM!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We are OPEN

One of the values of my NEW COMPANY

"We are OPEN" to ideas, change .....

They insist so much on this but silly ppl they are not even OPEN TO INTERNET.

No more personal mails, orkutting, blogging, social ntwing,cha no chatting also :(

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy new year!!!

After reading all the new year posts, I wanted to write one. Rattled my brain for a unique idea, nadandhukute yosichen (thinking while walking), kupura paduthu yosichen (thinking while lying) , kannathule kai vechitu yosichen (thinking with my hand on my cheeks) (The English is a lil horrible. But I wanted to give the exact feel as in Tamil ;)) . And came up with a unique idea for the new year post.

"Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year"

PS: Sirikadhinge (Dont laugh)......no no no stop. Idhu nijamave unique dhan. Yarume ivlo simple post ezhudhale (This is really unique. No one has written such a simple post). Correcta?