Monday, March 20, 2017

My little philosopher

Last Sunday night, P watched 'Mass',a Tamil Ghost movie which is not very scary though...
After dinner we were getting ready to go to bed. Suddenly P asked me how did the scary ghosts become hero's friends? Below is a part of our conversation.
S: Ghost will scare you only if u get scared. If u r brave they will not scare u.
P: oh! Is it like that in real life also?
S: (wording my lines carefully n cautiously so that I don't scare him) yes kanna. if u cry for silly things ppl might make u cry. If u get scared easily ppl will try to scare u. See what happens when u play with some friends....they always make u cry.
P: Maaa u know what,the other day A gave me two hard bashes...
S: Really ? Why didn't you block him?  He is always doing this to you. U should give him back may be.
P: meaaaaaaaa? Aiyooooo?
S: why dear can't you hit him?
(Here's the cherry on the cake)
P: look at me Maaa.  I am always singing dancing and happy. What I am doing is what is in my mind. So I won't hit.
I was very surprised n was in full admiration for understanding himself. I was like , was it really my son?????
Sometimes I give him some random philosophies like these to stop him from being adamant ....when ever I do, he will always stop me saying 'arambichitiya?'or 'podum Maaa' . Am happy that he is able to grasp something from that.....
Enjoy da chellam neee

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