Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Title :DDDD

Hello friends!!! Hope everyone is doing well!! Am gr8 and having a very good time of my life. The change of place, lifestyle, cooking, routine and everything I can point fingers at are responsible for my brk from blogging.

I know I know, just as u read d above line, u would have said “ shez blabbering…shez just lazy”………….. If u did, U R ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! It has taken quite a long time and effort for me to actually start blogging. I know, am BAD. But that OK!

My marriage went on very well. And then had a hectic 15 days of touring the whole of TN for temple visits and relatives’ places. Then flew to Norfolk, Virginia, US. Right now, am enjoying a brk frm my career. Am becoming a very nice home maker, doing all the budgeting, cooking, taking care of the family (for now its only my hubby). I have started cooking really well. In fact I made kolukattai for Vinayaka Chathurthy!!

And in case u just didn’t figure it out, I will be blogging regularly!!! Bye for now!


  1. Welcome back and rock as usual


  2. hey casattaa lady is back :) congrats on the wedding and hearty wishes for a happy married life :)