Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uffff with these teenagers

One day I get a forwarded friendship msg from an unknown number. I ignored it (idhu ellam oru alagana ponnu vazhkaile sagajam'le ;)). Next day another one. And then on, a forwarded msg every now n then. U know how irritating it is wen ur mobile keeps vibrating every 10 mins wen in a meeting. I replied asking the identity of the person, assuming I missed one of my colleagues/friends. Then comes the response, "Whoz dis?"

I was like, Wat the hell?? The person sends me an sms and does not know who I am??? I responded back saying I got an sms from his number and he promptly denied it. I called him up, warned him not to msg me and cut the conversation. He comes back again asking "U yendha college??". No response from my side. This happened some 2 months back.

And then till yesterday no sms. Tholla mudijadhunu nenacha iniki oru sms....romba sentia oru msg, idhule kadaisile "my dear" vere

Indha vaati romba gandu ayiten, again asked him who he was...then the same drama repeatu...This time I forwarded his msg and asked him who sent this...he was like "ya ..but I though this was my friend's no" (yara namba solre) And again "Nice to chat wit u, U yendha college??". He received a reply "Am no college goer, am a 50 yr old with 0 patience. Dont disturb me again." Bayandhu viduvananu partha "Ok , I like u grand mother"nu oru reply....I was speechless...........

Seri chapter close'nu partha thirumba 1 hr le inoru friendship sms.....I dont understand how they can send sms to ppl they dont eve n kno.....kiruku pasange..I think all they need to know is whether its a girl's no. or a boy's no.................uffff with these teenagers


  1. Jerks of first order. Neenga ezhudhina ellaame naa othukaren idha thavara - "idhu ellam oru alagana ponnu vazhkaile sagajam'le ;)" mudiyala baasu ... mudiyala ... en munaadi irukara gaali paper cup la vizhundhu naa venum naa tharkola pannikavaa ?? ;))))))

  2. am a DSP or commisioner nu summma yeduthu vitturukanum instead of a 50 yr old !
    uffff with teengers indeed!

  3. Simple a call panni, oru 2 mins pesitu, thanks ur number and address just got traced. Thanks expect a visitor in Khaki uniform nu sollunga....

    These guys needs to be sent for gr8 swamiji's experiments...rascals...

  4. Post title eh bayangara soooper.//Am no college goer, am a 50 yr old with 0 patience.//
    Enga , solra poiya ozhungaa sollanum, ippollam pasanga romba smart, neenga 50 yr or 15 yr ah nngarthaa voice veche kandupidichuduvaanga. :)
    Seri still it continues or wat?

  5. @Satish - U r free to do so ;) have fun the paper cup

    @Lav - DSP/commisioner .......solli irukanum miss panniten

    @Chan - Super idea!!! Inime idha use pannanum..

    @CG - hmm ya these ppl r really having brain in these things, if only they use it properly......
    Ivlo pesinen, apparamum night inoru sms. Innum onnu varatum, apparam Chan oda idea dhan use pannanum. Use panna, reactiona post paneren ;)

  6. It so happened once.. and I gave the phone to one of the colleague in office and asked him to say a 'Hello'. And voilĂ !... The forwards or missed calls nevaer came again..!!

  7. oh!! Gud for u!! And thankfully this guy is not msging me now :)

  8. inoru option that number behind auto and bus and mark it as call incase if u r bored and antha numberku call panna outgoing free nu potrunga :D :D

  9. @Gils - eppadi ippadi ellam???Gils ungal ala mattum dhan yosika mudiyum???? Oru 'Venkat Prabhu' range'ku yosikiringe

  10. edho namalaala aana ubgaram :)

  11. :D!! adhu enna ippo 'Anonymous'a post pannitu irukinge????

  12. too layjee to login :D