Monday, March 8, 2010

Turning Point!!!

A break from blogging that's been
Somethingz been keeping me away
Is it work?
Is it laziness?
Is it a new hobby?
Or is it this guy????
Ya its him...........

God knew the right timing!
He planned it well.........
When we were fully unplanned!
Met through a common well wisher(Actually my Chithy)

First day - saw orkut profiles
Second day - an ISD call
Third day - a Skype call
Fourth day - Engagement date fixed!
Tenth day - Engagement!!! Remote Engagement!!!!!!!
A dream thatz now true!!!!!!!

A roller coaster ride it was......
Hurt my hands pinching to reality
And now hours on skype and mobile
Dumped blogger for a while
And here goes my 50th blog!!!!!!
The one that I'd love to treasure!!!!


  1. Thats too much of a timing...happy things happe n so suddenly in the least expected moments :-)Wish you a happy married life!

  2. appadi podu aruvaala ... sikkiteengalaa neengalum :) superrrrr ... many congratulations for a wonderful life and I am sure things will fall in place for you always ...

  3. Congratulations!!!!! I think we cross milestones together earlier it was 1000 hits and 50th post and now 50th and 100th.
    'And now hours on skype and mobile'. Make hay while the sun shines.. This is the period and enjoy to the max...Very happy for u and congrats once again.

  4. Thanks a lot everyone!!!

    @ DV - Ya tats 2 much of a timing!!!
    @Satish - Sandhoshama Sikkiten ;)
    @CG - very true!!! indha post pota apparam dhan unga post notice pannen!!!Congrats to u 2 !!! Thanks again!!

  5. hey, Congratulations !!!
    Hope you have a wonderful life together ! Am very happy for you !!! Engagement period is such fun and so very different from married life ! Enjoy to the max and have fun ! Be happy !

  6. idhu romba mosam...u never tuk my wishes :( Still congrats!! Have a blessed married life :-P

  7. @Chan - Caught u Caught u!!!!ha ha !!!
    Nan kashta pattu yen madaya pilinji, yen peelings ellam kotti our alagana posta (pls othukonge)pota........Simplea "Congratulations...." pota enna artham??? yeppadi pesa vechen pathinge'le ;)

    Thanks Chan thanks a lot :P !!!

  8. appada..atlast ur comment box opened here :) intha post padicha annilenthu wanted to comment aana for some reason this comment section got blocked. Hearty wishes madam :)

  9. oh appadia??? theriyama poche. Thanks Sir!!!

  10. A fairytale has just begun in the most perfect way,
    Down on one knee a ring was given, “YES” did the lady say,
    But this is not a dream you’re in, this is love that’s true,
    Now all await with eagerness the day you’ll say “I do!”

    So my heartily congrats for you and your hubby… May your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness.

  11. Thats a wonderful wish!!!!Thanks a lot!!!