Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hey I' ve started cooking !!!!!

OK OK enough enough!!!! Stop that funny look!!
I've started cook for good (Well!! Whose good? I seriously dont know) By around 2 weeks I've learnt cooking quite some items. I am just bloging so that I dont have to make ISD every time am stuck up in the kitchen :P. OK here goes my first item:


The following ingredients are required for the preparation:

fistfull of Ulutham parupu (kaipidi alau)
2 kanja milagai (2 dry chilly)
1 kattu pudhina ( 1 pck of Mint leaves)
2 teaspoons of tamarind paste
Coconut, as per the taste required/optional ( I used less than a half coconut)
Salt as per taste
asafoetida (perungayam)

  • Heat the tawa with a litte oil
  • Add the Ulutham parupu and the dried chillies
  • Fry it until the dhal truns golden brown. Turn off the stove
  • Add a pinch of asafoetida for the taste. mix well.
  • Empty the contents into a dry bowl
  • Now add the washed pudhina leaves (without water) into the tawa. No need to light the stove.
  • Let the leaves cook in the mild heat
  • Meanwhile, powder the fried dal and chillies in the mixie.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of the tamarind paste, 1/4 spoon of salt, a little water so that they mix well and grind
  • Add the grated coconut and cooked pudhina in this mixture and little water for the consistency and rind well.
  • Taste it and add salt and tamarind paste as required.
  • The coconut in this recipie is optional. This same procedure can be userd for curry leaves thogayal but without coconut.
OK !! Now u dont have to thank me for this enlightenment :P !!!



  2. Heading parthutu i thot u hv cooked a whole feast...Thogayal panradhukku ivlo bld up aa?? :-P

    Seri seri i understand small steps takes yu long way...

    Method potrukeenga..saptutu result sollaliyee...impact enna??? :-)

  3. good for you..start another sub blog for cooking cos it doesnt get mixed with others and you can easily retrieve recipies for self

  4. @ Santhosh & அண்ணாமலையான் i Thanks :P

    @Chan - Idhu dhan arambam...ini samaykradha mattum parunge!! It came out well. actually romba nalla irundhuchu!!

    @DV - OK madam!!!ippothiku new label potu irukken, depending upon d volue of my posts, I'll start one

  5. super. Kalakkunga. Preparing a thogayal is really a tough task ;). U did it. So, move on to other kashtamaana kariyam like paal kaachufying and saatham vadichufying....Jus kidding.
    Instead of 2 red chillies u can try out with 1 red chilly and 3-4 pods of pepper without coconut and lastly add urad dhal and grind it coarsely. Just a varied version.

  6. @CG - Thanks for the support ;). Will try ur suggestions next time

  7. kalaks !!!! welcome to the cooking world :). All the best !!! And if you just make a paste of pudhina using green chilli and coriander, you can use it for bread sandwiches :).I love pudhina in any form.

  8. Hooo ... cookingg ?? you ??? making ??? Aiyooo paavam, indha vishayam andha "eli" ku teriyumaa ?? ;))

    Ok here is a tip, pudhinaa thogayal pannarache, you need not fry those leaves in a pan, all you need to do is, take those cut leaves and add a few drops of lemon on them, and then grind it ... andha pacha vaasanai varaadhu :) Baasu ... naangelaam 10 varushamaa samaikara aalu ... enga kittayevaa ?? ;)))

  9. @Lavs : Thanks!! ya even I love tat moms makes it so well!!!

    @Sathish : hmmm theriyum ;) Wooow!! ellarum tips tharinge...nan dhan indha world'le late pola irukku.....Kandippa try panren

  10. !!! cookinga!! and tht too pudina thuvayal!!! wow! :D bakra matirichi solitu labku poga aarambichacha :)

  11. yen case'le nane cooking nane t(e/a)sting :(

  12. //yen case'le nane cooking nane t(e/a)sting :(//

    LOL... the sad smiley at the end,speaks more!! :)

  13. you have been tagged :). If you have the time, that is :)