Sunday, September 27, 2009

Appavum nanum............

Father-daughter relationship is something that is not much talked about. Its definitely worth a mention. "Abiyum nanum" was telecast today and after watching it I am more than tempted to write about it. My mom used to say that my dad was so scared to even lift me for the first few months...he was scared that he might hurt me. Most of my actions are photographed. Those days there weren't digital cameras that we can keep clicking pics. He never said no to any of my wishes, though there might be delays. I am sharing a few incidents in this post.

He has grown me into a very brave n bold person (of course a great contribution from my mom too). During my Engineering internal exams (we had two exams a day), I had Electronic circuits and Linear Integrated Circuits(LIC) on the same day. Both these are real tough. I wasn't able to prepare well for the exam. I didn't want to write both the exam and was in the verge of crying. My mom was like "Ask Dad". My dad told me only one thing, " If I were u, I would go and flunk in the exam or happily bunk college and go for some movie and never cry like this". What more, I bunked college but sat home studying for the next exams.

Hope everyone remembers this Sneha and Shyam rumor a few years ago. Every Tamil magazine had the news about it with all silly pics around. Me and my dad were sitting near each other holding a magazine each. I wanted to read it but wasn't sure of my dad's reaction, in case he sees me reading it. So I was holding and reading in such a way that in case of emergency I could flip to another page. I finished the article and kept it on the table. Now my dad took this magazine I was reading and just as fate would have it, the book opened with that article as though that was the last page read. He was very very cool abt it. All he did was teased me for reading it with the fear of getting caught :D.

And the best part that, these days, any guy(whom my dad doesnt know) who talks to me looks like a buffalo/rowdy/pig to him. He gets very protective wen it comes to guys. He doesnt even spare "Madhavan" or "Surya", my favourite actors :D. It feels very nice, he thinks am still that small girl in his arms. Very much like Prakash Raj fro Abiyum nanum :). Sometimes I notice him come near me n my sis wen we are asleep (atleast half asleep), kisses us on the forehead and goes back to sleep.

We tease each other, we have fun, fight with each other, what not, We are more like friends more than a father-daughter. I love u dad!!


  1. Dad's are always special and they are the first hero for any child and I am gearing up to be a hero for my kid and make sure that he or she is proud of me and write a similar lovely post :)

  2. Am sure u'll be a gr8 dad...and dont forget to send me d link ;)

  3. Nice post stright from the heart...For every girl her DAD is the first super hero.

  4. Post edited based on my sis' feedback

  5. Lovely post and dads are like that,y father is no more but he has left a permanent imprint on my mind for certain for him family always came first, so many times he fired his employess left right, becuase thye had done some negligence to me.his daughter:)

  6. Its nice to get that partiality sometimes ;)