Sunday, October 11, 2009

The perfect date!

Yesterday was the most beautifully used day!!! The perfect date(Day)!!

Now am not talking about something romantic n all....its the most useful Saturday I've spent over the last few months.It was a very tight pack schedule. Woke up early in the morning at 9.00 AM so that at least this week we don't miss our Deepawali shopping. During our breakfast at around 10.00AM, my sis reminded us abt the movie "Unnai pol oruvan", something we wanted to watch for quite sometime. Dad could only afford for only night shows, becoz of his schedule. We swallowed our breakfast and rushed to our nearby theater for advance booking. Luckily, the tickets were available and we booked the ticked for the night show.

Returned home to find that our maid had messed up with the household work and we helped mom with the cleaning and hurryed to make the shopping at least this week. The work was completed by around 12.15 PM and started off to Pondy bazaar, with a few watches that needed battery replacement. This time we headed to Naidu Hall (influenced by our previous visit). Reached there by 1.00 PM owing the the great traffic. It took us hardly 20 mins to reject all their collections. This time the collections are just not good. We headed to a less known shop call Bobby on the same lane of Naidu hall, a little beyond Milan Jyothi. On the way, we found a Watch shop and replaced batteries for a the TITAN watches. Was just casually checking if they had fancy Fast track straps for my Fast track watch (which was sporting a local Rs.30 black strap). Luckily she had a denim strap with pink thread dancing here n there. I was in instant love with it and now my watch is as good new(Its actually a 3 yr old watch).

We entered BOBBY a few mins later, and the collection was real huge and dont ask me how many I got. It did pinch my Credit card hard. But Deepawali comes only once a year and this is just another reason. Hurried for lunch to Hot chips near Maya plaza, had a hearty meal and reached home by sharp 4.00PM.

Kept the auto waiting and freshened up ourselves and rushed to the Sacred Heart School auditorium. I was supposed to be there at sharp 4.00PM for a World Vision Partner's meet. This organization n event needs a special mention. I sponsor a child through World Vision(WV) and thanks to WV for helping me help. The word "Partner" for my small contribution is just huge. Now for the event, on the way to the auditorium we saw small girls dressed up sweetly for the dance programs and smart boys in same pattern T-shirts. We (me n my sis) were greeted with a huge smiles at the entrance. The organizers had invited a few partners and sponsored children to share their experiences. Followed by a video presentation, that detailed how WV works. They showed how they helped a village to get pure drinking water and helped them start income generators and the children's education through the funds from the partners. The highlight of the program was the dance performance by the girls and boys from Santhome Home for the Hearing impaired. Hearing impaired n dance? Yes!! They dance not by hearing the music but by following their instructor who was standing as a part of the audience and with just the movement of this two fingers, the entire troop was dancing. Really amazing!! Returned home by around 7.00PM with full satisfaction that I am a part of this great organization. I would suggest everyone to sponsor a child and help our country grow. Its just Rs.600 per month and the value we add to the child is not measurable. After the event I have decided to write to my child often and have a personal relationship with him. You can sponsor by registering here.

After having dinner, the four of us headed for the movie. A good movie indeed! That was my busy day that gave me full satisfaction.


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  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    good :P
    accha din tha :)
    movie ke baare main to likh nahi kuch :P
    samajh main ayi yaa nahi :|
    happy diwali ;)

  3. Sach mein, bahuth accha din tha |
    The movie was very good...a fast paced movie with no songs and properly aligned to the story line. "Chrisp" is the word to describe it.

    Thanks for visiting Chunnu n Happy Diwali to u too :)

  4. Hey thanks a ton for letting me know about this org, let me take a sneak peek into their website and join right away.

    I was expecting a review from you on "Unnai Pol Oruvan" ... :)

  5. Oh yes, you should join them and they are doing a gr8 job!!! Every paisa of ur contribution is useful.

    "Unnai Pol Oruvan" is a crisp movie for 2hrs. But the reviews on the net are a "build-up". Its a nice n decent movie tats worth the money u pay.

  6. Hey, its been a long time since I went for a night show:) would love to do that :). May be will watch Unnaipol Oruva in theater. Yeah, it gives satisfaction when you help out like that.
    Happy Diwali to you and your family :)

  7. watching movies in the cinemas is defn a good exp..Wish u, ur family n jillu a very happy diwali!!!

  8. Its a really very heartening feeling to know that you are helping another one to have a good life..I am going to see this link.

  9. Thanks and welcome to by blog Renu! Keep visiting :)

  10. Hey Swetha!
    very much impressed by your thoughts abt the organaiztion and you helping one of the children to come up in their life... Hope u continue the same for many long years....