Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Global Warming, Rains n Prayers

As a child, I imagined green house gasses and global warming as a concept that was true only within the Ooty Botanical garden, especially because the concept was explained with the glass houses as examples. I wondered why the text books are so concerned about how the environment would be after 100years or so. I didn’t realize that the effect would be visible right in front of my eyes within the next few years.

I remember praying to GOD that it should not rain on my birthday (falls in July). Only then I will be able stand in front of the play ground during the prayer session and the whole school will look at my new dress ;)

I recollect praying for rain every August 15th so that our ground would be filled with water and there will be no march-past and I can stay back home happily.

During half-yearly exams, me n my sis would eagerly watch the DD news for the weather report and rejoice when they predict rains/heavy rains. Our exam would be cancelled then :D

I would pray GOD should spare Diwali and not rain on that day. I would give him permission to use the afternoons but not the early morning and the evenings. That’s when we burst the cracker at my granny’s place n have hell of fun!

Every new year’s eve, I request him not to spoil our party ground, that is any one of our friend’s terrace so we can stay awake all night n watch the new year’s first dawn!

Even last November I remember heavy rains! In fact, I guess one November Tuesday, it rained so heavily that on the way back home from office, every vehicle was stranded on the Anna University road. And the best part was, our van wasn’t doing well. The radiator would go dry after a few meters of travel. Initially we got water from the road side shop and later on, we would the by-passers to fill our can with water that was stagnated on the road. The roads were filled with around 2ft water. We started by 6.30pm and reached home by 10 -10.30 pm.

Gone are those days!! Now every day I pray GOD “Please shower rain at least today!!!” He heard my prayer yesterday!!

Thank u GOD…please hear my prayers daily and shower rains this season. I promise to save the EARTH as much as I can and you promise to save our future generations, provide them a sweet and lovable EARTH.


  1. Lol: at the first part..children are same:)

    Now weather has become so pleasant as the most needed rain is here:)

  2. ya Renu!!The weather is just too gud today!! I wanted to take an off and have masala tea and bondas at home. But now am at office :(

  3. Oh, yes, we need all the water that we get and more. When people say, spare us from rains, I make it a point to tell them to pray for more

  4. ya more rains and very less damage would be a gr8 combination!