Monday, October 26, 2009

Tulsi !!

I've imagined a lot abt how my marriage will happen. Like wat colour will my saree be, my hair style, my groom's costume, wat programs to conduct, not much abt the menu, how my sis n mom should dress, how everyone should enjoy my wedding n all that. But I've never given a though abt what I would give in the thambulam.

I've been to many marriages (friends, family..) but nerver found the thambulam very
interesting. Its usually a fruit with some sweet or savory. If its a close family member's marriage, then u get a nice bag/pouch with the bride n groom's name printed. I hadn't given much thought on it. But now I think I should think abt that as well. My best friend was married last week. And I found the thambulam most useful. It was a TULASI sapling !!!! It's something very traditional and a need of the hour. Thanks to all the new diseases. I didn't get a chance to ask her who's idea it was. But its definitely a splendid one. Its a very low cost gift but a high satisfying gift! If it is not used or cared properly, then the life saver plant loses its life :( But since its a holy plant, no one will ignore and is considered auspicious. Any of you have nice innovative ideas for the thambulam??


  1. Age group ku thagundhaa maadhiri thaambulam kudukanum Swetha, ultimately the folks who come to the marriage should be happy na, so enna maadhiri youthu vandhaa "Asin" photo, ungala maadhiri kutty paapaa vandhaa "lollypop" ;))))

  2. LOL!! ok Sir!!! yen kalyanathu varumbothu yaruku kodukureno illayo, ungaluku mattum kandippa Asin photo perusa frame panni kodukuren ;)

  3. Its very difficult to give a package which will apeal to all age groups:)...I feel that the gift should according to giver's choice and reflect her for an environment friendly person giving a tulsi plant is best...