Saturday, October 31, 2009


She is modern,
She will be outspoken,
She loves chit chatting,
She laughs loud,
She might giggle for your jokes,
She might come out for breaks/lunches with you,
But you CANNOT take an advantage with her.
Hey Mr., mind you, keep your distance from her.
The first/second time she might just warn/hint u,
But if u continue, u can be sure, u will feel ashamed of urself.
U better mind urself and dont MESS with her.


  1. Yaarukko ezhudhina post maadhiri teriyudhe ?? ;) marakkaama andha aasaamiku, send this link :)

  2. link enna....nerleye rendu punch dhan kodukanum

  3. Oh my GOD, oru kutty poolaan deviyaa irukeengale ;))) But on a serious note, our society demands girls to be like you, or else it wud be difficult to cope up with this male chauvinist society.

  4. hmm :d suthi valaichi katha solama ..yaruko directa kola merattal vitrukara pola terithu..first first post padika varachavay ivlo derror posta!!! kalakrel pongo :)

  5. Hi Gils!! Welcome to my world!! Bayapadadhinge.... cila post konjam adiradia dhan irukkum ;) ...gather ur strength and read through them. Keep visiting!