Thursday, November 26, 2009

Breaking the silence!

Hi everyone!! How r things going at ur end? Hope every thing is fine. Things at my end...actually things are happening pretty fast! Dont know if it's for good or bad.

First of all, I've got a better opportunity with a better pay in a better firm hopefully in a better team. This is the kind of job I've always dreamt abt, I mean the profile and the best part is it suits my work timings (9.00AM to 6.00PM job). So I am putting an end to my 4.5 year old tenure in my present company. This ending is a little saddening though. This company has been like my second home. Everything here is so friendly and understanding. Starting form the chai valla to my Boss' boss, everonez been understanding. I would say thats the plus and the minus. I was put into a very nice and soft comfort zone, that never let me come out.

Well, after a lot of debating within my mind, Iam quitting my present company, for good! Looking out for new and better challenges in the new place!

"Anayara velaku dhan prakasama yeriyum" nu solra madri, Iam very busy only after I put my papers. No time for anything, even to communicate my joing date with the new HR ;). Side gap'le dahn indah post. Am up late in the night for some installation and configs. The inst is in progress and am waiting for it to complete. Cha na ivlo busy avan'nu nenaikave ille :D

Today, I received a mail from my sponsored child. It was a drawing of a house and trees near it. So sweet of him!! And me, haven't kept my promise of writing to him. I should to it this weekend. Hmm...tats all for now. Will try to come up with a better post next time.


  1. Ah, all the best for your new endeavor and life is all about changes naa, so accept the changes as it come and it will be for good. Bangalore la rendu naalaa ore mazhai, enna daa nu yosichen, ippo thaan teriyudhu neenga busy aanadhu thaan reason nu ;)

    Hey, you sponsor a child ?? I need lots of info regarding that, if you don't mind, can you please write to me at satish dot nagasubramaniam at gmail dot com ? Don worry, I will not spam your inbox, even u can create a dummy email and write to me from that :) Again, if you have time :) no issues otherwise.

  2. Congrats ! Wish you all the best in your new job!! you have sponsored a child? very good thought and commendable.

  3. Thanks Renu!

    Yenge mazhai Chennai'le vandhu neenge ippadi sonna ok, B'lore kum yenakkum 1 sambandham ille. Yes I sponsor a child. will give u d details this weekend. Adukaga indha dummy mail ID leveluku poradhu romba over.

  4. Leaving the first job is always tough. But pazhaga pazhaga job hopping oru hobby ayidum!!!!
    Regarding the sponsoring - Wowww!!!

  5. romba tougha dan irukku....yedho yaruko dhrogam panra madri irukku :(

  6. Hey solave illa..I can see the reason y u r busy in the last few days..ellam complete pana dhan relieve panuven nu solitangala..hehehe :))) jokes apart all the very best for your new job...I know u will enjoy the new role but I am pretty sure u will miss our first company...

  7. hey, ALL THE BEST !!! "yedho yaruko dhrogam panra madri irukku :( ".. namkku dhaan appidi irukkum... avungalukku ( i mean for the company) adhellaam kidaiyaadhu. we need to learn and then move on..anaa, indha naan solrathukku laayake kidaiyaadhu 'coz i am still working in my first company..but then, now that you have decided, enjoy and move on. Change is the only constant in life is the mantra :)

  8. @Ram - Thanks Ram! Matter enna na, customers ellarum bayandhutange, "Swetha poyita velai olunga nadakadhu, adhan ava kelambarthuku munnadia ella velai mudichikalanu"

    @Lavanya - Thanks Lavanya...Tat is d mantra tat is ringing constantly in my ears!