Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shoot all ur troubles away!!

"V all should go to paint ball, it will be gr8 fun!!"
"Wats it all abt?"
"Something to do with throwing paint balls on each other, drenching others in all funny colors, u kno it will b gr8 fun"
"Really??? Sounds like fun!! Should do it this week end"
"Ok done! We are going out for lunch and then to the paint ball thingy on Sunday! Everyone ok?"
"OK" (Chorus)

This is a gist of the conf call bet. the fun loving gang. So all the 9 of us started on sunday afternoon with lot of enthu, first to eat and the to paint ourselves. Wat v knew abt paint ball is : they would give us some kind of overcoats so that we dont spoil our clothes and some paint balls to throw at each other...it did sound a lil wierd to us, but we wanted to try it out. We reached the YMCA grounds at around 5.00PM I guess. We saw a wat u r seeing in the above pic.

Quickly came one of the organizers and started explaining the whole thing:
1. There will be 2 team
2. Each team's flag will be with the opposite team at the end of the ground. And the teams have to take their flag and bring it to their pole.
3. All members will be armed with a gun (they call it markers) which will have small paint balls. When u shoot, the paint balls will fly out and when it hits any object, the outer layer breaks and spills out the paint.
4. And they give u uniforms, helmets and chest gaurds to wear
5. The opposite team members will shoot at you when u try to get ur flag and if the paint falls at u, u r out of the game. Which ever team rescues their flag first wins.

This is how the game is played. So we teamed up as 5 and 4 membered team. We had three games and the best part is our team won!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Sometimes the paint balls hurt. 1 hit me right on my head..ouch..it still hurts. Except for some small hickups(like the uniform given actually has absorbed many others' sweat and not to forget the swine flu fear after wearing it) it was a good experience. Will be in my thoughts the whole week(bcoz I rescued our team flag once ;))


  1. Chinna Pilla thanamaa iruke ;-))) Naagelelaam nejam tupaaki la suttu velayaadara parambarai, idhelaam enga kula veerathukku thoosu :))))

    But seriously this one seem to be a lot of fun, not sure if we have one in bangalore.

  2. ya lot of fun n some body ache...not sure where it is in Blr, but found this link on the net