Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A task well begun is half done?

They say "A task well begun is half done" but this time it turned to be an utter flop. We had planned for a trip to Munnar for this week end (13-16 August'09). Every thing was pre-planned
  • Train tickets from Chennai - Cochin booked
  • Booked cab to pick us up from the station to the resort and for sight seeing
  • Booked the resort
  • Planned the itinerary
  • Leave requests approved
All this done one month ago. Right now, I should be in the train to Cochin :( but am sitting here blogging!!

My sad story: I had been to my cousin's engagement to Ongole, AP and came back to Chennai with a very badly upset stomach(me n my sis, u know how spicy the AP food is). Not just me, most of my cousins had the same feeling and my family doc advised not to take it up, if possible. And wat else, my over concerned mom said NO.

Wat all I had planned, 3 fully days away from the hectic schedule, only fun n no work, how to pose for the pics, which costume colors would look gud in the pics, wat not............

All the dreams shattered right in front of my eyes .........


  1. Same pinch no back pinch. I too canceled all my vacation plans :( My 10 days leave plan went shattered and thanks to the panic and scare generated by Swine FLU :( well, I have postponed it next month though

  2. At least am not alone :|

    Its always nice to use the childish terms(Same pinch no back pinch). Lately me n my boss are using the phrase " romba pethikadhainge" (of course on the lighter side). Thanks for reminding this phrase ;)

  3. Don't worry mate, der's always a next time...

  4. Life is all about being childish, it's just that the degree of childishness varies across individuals ;-) Enakelaam meesai ilaati, endha maami iduppula irupen nu enakke teriyaadhu, naangelaam avvalo childish ;-))))))

  5. @Chan - Ya tomorrow never dies

    @Satish - venna...valikidhu..aludhiduven