Monday, July 20, 2009


Skateboarding!!! My friend's lil sis got a skate board and was trying to use it in our street... but the little soul didnt know how to use it. And me the Know-it-all girl went to her rescue(chumma padams ;) )

I told her tat she was not doing it the right way and said that it should be done with one leg on the skate board and the other on the ground. With the help of the feet on the ground push the skate board with the other leg and then place the other leg on the skateboard. With the help(balance) of my other friend, I tried to demonstrate this to her. Oh yeah!! She was happy that now she is at least able to move a feet or so... And like a good trainer, I said "Practice makes a man perfect" ;).

After 2 days, she is managing to do it well!!

Namba kathukoduthu oruthar muneri irukkangena, namba yevlo therama sali.... But still to know the real thing, I was in search of a training video and found this. A useful one:

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