Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rain Rain come again!!!!

Rain is always associated with happiness and is no exception with me. Just the thought of rain, gives me an overdose of endorphin. As a child I always wanted to get fully drenched in rain and wanted to dance with the trees. And as all parents, my parents also never let me do it :(

As I entered into my late teens, I became an "avuthu vitta kazhudhai" ;) and decided that my parents cannot stop me from enjoying and dancing in the rain. But as fate would have it, it never rained hard during weekends/holidays. There was one Sunday wen it rained hard and I pulled all my friends out and danced not just with the trees but also with my friends singing all songs related to rains!!! And as all good things would come to an end, rain was no exception here. I just wish I had a digi cam to capture those moments. And the day ended with a lot of advice from my Dad :(

Last year, all members of the nuclear deal (of yeah, am talking abt my family) had been to Kodai. Just like all other tourists, we had been to the Kodai lake. After a long wait in the q, we got our chance to row (rather pedal) our boat. My dad and I were pedaling. Out of nowhere the Grey clouds filled up the sky and started showering at us. Wat more?? Now there is too much of
endorphin and guts. I stopped pedaling and my dad knew it was my day ;). While the rest of the lake went empty, we stayed in the middle of the lake. And I cant foget the masala pori we were munching in the rain in the lake. And the day ended with a fully drenched family and a fully satisfied me!!!

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