Sunday, July 5, 2009

Do u brush ur teeth before going to bed?

How may of us actually brush our teeth before going to bed?? I guess on 40% of us do it. And the major reason for not doing so is "LAZINESS". I dont promise that this post will be an eye opener and you start brushing at night, right from today.

On the way to/from work, it is usual to see beggars here and there. Nothing unusual. But last month, one late evening on the way back home, I noticed something unusual. I saw a beggar brushing his teeth!!! Shocking ?? When I told this to my sis, she just brushed it away saying that I am just interpreting things the wrong way.

Yesterday, me and my sis had gone out and on the way back home we had to cross the beggar's lane. I was telling her that this is where I saw him brushing. We looked up and YES he was brushing!!!!

These day beggars are concerned of their health, more than us....


  1. pal ponaa sol pochu nu soluvaanga, appadi sol poiduchunaa ... pichai eppadi edukka mudiyum ? so brushing his teeth is nothing but his business development plan ;-)